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Firearm Forum Question: What about Coating Bullets?

Ask A Firearms Question:
Saw the Post on Buffing Bullets.
What about Dipping (coating) a Bullet, can you elaborate on this?
Thank you Louie Louie Vinchenso.

Apply desired coating substance to the bullet portion only .....

Federal Nyclad Coated Ammo Bullets ...

45 ACP Teflon Coated Ammo Bullets ...

Blog Administrator -
There are two very distinctive parts or definitions to coating a bullet.

Definition Part 1, 
The so-called method of coating or dipping a bullet refers to simply rubbing on, or dipping the bullet portion of the cartridge into some type of substance.
Some people use a Cotton Q-tip as an applicator to apply the substance.

See the List below for some examples of what people have used over the last hundred years:

1) Rubbing the Bullet with a Poison (such as a pesticide, prior to ban DDT was the favored, now it's rat poison)
2) Rubbing the Bullet with Snake Venom (such as rattlesnake, cotton mouth, copperhead, 
     cobra, etc.)
3) Rubbing the Bullet with Feces (human, pigeon, animal such as a cat or dog)
4) Rubbing the Bullet with Pigs Fat (this practice is to insult those of the Islamic faith) 

The concept is simple.
If the bullet doesn't kill it's target the victim will die from poisoning.
The exception is the Pigs Fat, this is meant to offend Islam or Jewish religious people because eating Pork (pig) is taboo in their respective religions. I know people that coat their personal carry handguns with Pigs Fat. They started doing this after the U.S. 911 attacks.

Important: If you elect to do something like this, leave the bullet standing up to dry out for at least an hour before putting it in the gun.

Caution: This could backfire onto the user. If the poisonous substance were to rub off and get into the pours of your skin, a cut or abrasion, or into your eyes the effect could be devasting to the gun user. Also applying anything to a bullet could potentially damage the firearm.
Make sure you wear a latex or rubber hand glove, or use a cotton squab such as Q-tip.
Also the heat from a bullet may just burn the substance applied off.

Definition Part 2,
1) Federal Ammunition once offered Nyclad (nylon polymer) coated bullets. The concept was to reduce lead in the environment.
2) Another method is to apply a powder coating to the bullet, and heat it in something like a toaster oven.
Warning - this is for re-loaders only, the bullet is being coated prior to heating in an oven, a full cartridge would explode if heated.
3) Some manufactures use to make Teflon Coated Ammo but discontinued this when they realized Teflon Bullets could penetrate Body Armor. This ammo can still be found at Gun Shows or through private sellers.

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  2. Nonsense, use hollow points trust me gets the job done just fine

  3. Thanks for exposing the Hollywood nonsense.

  4. You might as well crap on a stick and poke the guys eyes out with it you would get better results than messing with perfectly good ammo.

  5. Coating a bullet is about as useful as sun bloc lotion on a rainy day.

  6. If I were ever to coat my bullets it would be with either rattlesnake venom or scorpion juice.

  7. Yeah, and afterwards they will morph into a firearm and self shoot.

  8. if you ever watched jesse waters from the o'riley factor when he interviews people then you will understand how America had become a nation of uninformed uneducated idiots

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