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Firearm Forum Question: Reloading Your Own Ammo, Getting Started with a Dillon Press

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I am thinking of getting into Reloading my own Ammo. Any suggestions would be helpful?
Thank you The Dirty Junk Yard Hound.

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I do not reload myself. Something that I regret. The cost of ammo is now so damn expensive if you shoot a lot you need to reload.
The problem in reloading is getting started. The cost of a basic multi Dillion Precession Press with one handgun dye (caliber), incidental components and accessories, plus 1,000 primers, bullets, brass cases, and powder will set you back over $1,100.00. I just priced the basic multi-purpose model RL 550B. This will do almost all pistol calibers and most common rifle calibers. If you want to reload shotgun shells that's a separate press. I have talked to a lot of shooters, many of them Cowboy SASS Members, they all recommend Dillion Precision Presses as the choice. Dillion offers a no hassle life time warranty and replacement. Another cost to consider would be a work bench and some basic tools. I just bought a wooden heavy duty work bench and it cost me about $200.00. Also don't do this is your house. You will need a garage or at least a shed to do your work. In addition, consider where are you going to store the ammo, powder, ah a Gun Safe may be needed and that's another $1,500.00 for good quality safe.

YouTube Video showing Basic Reloading Components, Options and Getting Started Information. 

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  1. SASS Member,
    I totally agree with your assessment of setting up a reloading work bench.
    Most SASS shooters have been reloading for years and have gotten ahead of the price gauging of Primers, Powder, Brass, and Bullets.
    On a similar note even if you do not reload always keep your empty cartridges, they can be sold in bulk to people who do reload.

  2. I have a Dillion Press but for shotgun shells.
    It's great never a problem.
    Another good post with excellent advise.

  3. I reload using a Dillion Press but only 45lc and 45acp.

  4. We have a complete Dillion reloading set-up. One for handgun, one for rifle, and one for shotgun.


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