Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Firearm Forum Question: Any Thoughts on Buying a 308 NATO Assault Rifle

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I have two assault rifles now; a 223/556 Colt and a Cz 7.62x39.
Any thoughts out there on adding a 308 NATO/ 308 Winchester Assault Rifle?
Thank you Juicy Rider.

Blog Administrator -
Personally I do not own a 308, either in assault or hunting rifle, nor do I plan on purchasing one in the near future. My primary objection to owning a 308 style assault rifle is the cost of ammo.
Choose wisely grasshopper. 

Here are some photos I found of the typical 308 NATO Assault Rifle. These are from the 2013 online catalogs from various manufacturers:

308 NATO, 308 Win Complete Upper Assembly,
Cost = Varies depending on supplier/manufacturer
Bushmaster 308 ORC Carbine,
Cost = $1,100
DPMS LR-308 Sportical AR-10 SA 308 Remington with Scope,
Cost = $855.00
Sig Sauer R71616BP 716 Patrol SA 7.62x51mm,
Cost = $1,650
Springfield Armory Standard M1A OD Green 308 Winchester
Cost = $1,310

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  1. I love this blog.
    Really great work.
    Will come here every chance I get.
    Agree wholeheartedly on this post, good sound advice for anyone looking to purchase an upper assault rifle assembly.

  2. Keep it,I didn't like the 308 when I was in the military
    I generally big game hunt in the USA with a 30-06

  3. Like I said in the other post my man has one on hist Stag 5.56.

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