Thursday, December 19, 2013

Firearm Forum Question: Should I Purchase a Gun Vice

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Just wondering is a Gun Vice worth purchasing, and what one would anyone recommend?
Thank you Gary Jars.

Blog Administrator -
Yes, I would recommend a Heavy Duty Gun Vice that can do rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, and handguns.
I recently purchased a Tipton Best Gun Vice from Cabelas for $49.00, but they are sold both in sporting goods shops and online.
A Gun Vice is great for maintenance, repair, and cleaning by holding the firearm in place without damaging the weapon. A gun vice is also good for using a Bore Light to sight your scope.
See pictures of the Tipton Gun Vice below:

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  1. I would advise YES on purchasing a gun vice,and I own a Tipton

  2. i have a tipton gun vice and have found it's worth every penny i spent for it .

  3. The Tipton is the Gun Vice of my choice.

  4. I own a Tipton Gun Vice, cannot figure out how I ever lived without one.


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