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Firearm Forum Question: Cowboy Revolver, Which is Best - Ruger, Colt, or Uberti

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I am recently retired and want to get into some Cowboy Shooting. Which 45lc (long colt) western fast draw revolver is the best to own?
Thank you Fuzzy McGee.

Note: The following three pictures are taken directly from the manufactures websites to show the latest 45lc (Long Colt) cowboy single action revolvers.

Ruger SASS Model 45lc Western Revolver.
Colt Single Action 45lc Army Revolver.
Uberti 1873 Cattleman 45lc Revolver.

Blog Administrator -
I own or have owned all three manufactured brands, Ruger, Colt, and Uberti in 45lc (Long Colt).
I prefer the Ruger, as do many SASS shooters.
Colt is an excellent firearm, but no longer has the quality once associated with these handguns. Ruger in my opinion has the current preferred quality and better action right out of the box. Uberti is a knockoff and has several versions, they shoot okay but I sold mine.
Keep in mind any 45 long colt style western single action cowboy handgun is using the basic Colt Patent to make the handgun. Both Ruger and Colt are way overpriced. If you are thinking of buying a cowboy action revolver, look for a used one, preferably a Ruger with interchangeable 45lc/45acp cylinders. Either new or used, to get the best performance you will need a complete action job performed by a gunsmith. This will entail boring and honing the cylinders, a trigger job, and I recommend a free spinning cylinder action be added. The estimated additional cost for this work including parts is around $250.00. SASS can probably recommend a gunsmith in your area to do the work (see website link on my page).
If you can find a reasonably priced used Colt in good condition made before 1990 buy it.
Also you may consider buying a cowboy action revolver in 22 long rifle because these are fun to shoot and inexpensive. 45 Long Colt (45lc) is expensive and reloading your own requires an initial set-up of around $1,000.00, Dillion Precision Reloading (see website link on my page).
You will also need a good cowboy action fast draw holster. You can get a new 100 percent all leather holster with belt for around $100.00 at a gun show. I own two different styles of fast draw holsters (one black, one brown), and one cross draw holster.
Note: Cross Draw Holsters are NOT for fast action, and they normally cost without a belt for 100 percent all leather around $150.00.

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