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Firearm Forum Question: Advantages of Using a Rifle Scope Bore Sighter Kit

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Is a Bore Scope really worth having to sight in my Rifle Scope? Should I invest in a Bore Scope and what are the advantages of using one?
Thank you Dastardly Dan.

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There is a difference between a Bore Scope and Rifle Scope Bore Sighter Kit.
A Rifle Bore Sighter Kit is used for sighting in Rifle, Shotgun, and Handgun Scopes, it generally comes with a kit that has different bore diameter tools to insert into the end of the rifle to sight in your scope.
I do not own one of these personally, but have friends that do own them and they sight my rifles in for me.
If you have more than two firearms with scopes mounted you may want to consider buying one. You will need a firearm vice to use it (this is for stability), such as a Tipton Best Gun Vice, and a clearing distance for the laser sight to fix on, usually a minimum of 25 feet. The vice and firearm will have to be set onto a table or workbench for accuracy.  
There are a couple of manufacturers that make decent Bore Sighting Scope Kits for a reasonable cost,  usually less than $60.00, here are two:
Barska-Boresighter -
BSA Boresighter Kit -

There is an alternative called the AccuScope, which sells for under $20.00 and you can purchase it on I don't know anything about these, their sight has a video on how it works.

My friend let me borrow these pictures of his Remington Model 700, 300 Winchester Magnum USMC Custom Painted Rifle being sighted in using a Bore Sighter Kit. His was done by a Gunsmith. He took the pictures while the gunsmith was sighting in the scope. Note how the rifle is in a gun vice, on a bench, and the laser is pointed some distance to the opposite wall.

Important: A Bore Sighter Kit does not accurately set the Scope. It still takes a few shots (he said about 5), to get it dead center in the bullseye at 300 yards. The Bore Sighter gets the bullet onto the target to eliminate waste of ammo. Personally I sighted my rifle in at 100 yards with 3-rounds using a bore sighter.

NOTE: I am not suggesting anyone spend the money to buy any item I list here. Just presenting some options and trying to answer questions the best I can based on either my personal experience or of people I know that use one.
Comments and opinions are welcome, let the readers know your experiences.

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  1. I sight my scopes in the old fashion way,although I like the concept of the accuscope,I would try it if I needed another scope sighted in.

  2. on occasion i use a bore scope similar to the one shown in your photo post .
    love the photos of that usmc rifle .


  4. This article your very interesting.
    Thank you for giving me more information about the rifle range.
    my site


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