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Firearm Forum Question: Magazine Jamming

Ask A Firearms Question:
I would like to discuss Magazines and Jamming. Can we get a topic going here on the various reasons for jamming, and what magazines people like to use (brand and capacity), along with their issues and experiences?
Thank you Bear Claw Grizz Lap.

Blog Administrator -
Great topic choice.
I have included some photos of various magazine types.
My comment is simple - Jamming is generally caused by five things:
1) A Dirty Firearm.
2) The Magazine is loaded to full capacity.
3) Poor quality magazine, off brand, el cheap-o.
4) Firing Blank Rounds in a semi-auto firearm.
5) Some Hollow Point Rounds may cause jamming.

Various types of Firearm Magazines:

100 Round Dual Drum Magazines for AR-15 Assault Rifle:
Stripper Clips, also known as Charger Clips, for Military style Rifles such as the M1 Carbine, M1 Garand 30-06 Semi-Auto Rifle (used in WWII), 303 Springfield, and the AK-47 Assault Rifle:

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  1. Personally I use Pro-Mag 30 round magazines in my Stag Arms 556

  2. I hv always found it to be true if you load mags to max capacity they will jam.

  3. i own a single drum for my colt ar15 and a double drum for my norinco sks , they both jam , so i would never recommend buying a drum style magazine .

  4. Howling Mad says,
    About stripper clips : a lot of people wont buy them because they think the stripper clip cannot be used in modern assault rifles. The truth is the ammo comes off the stripper easily by hand and a device is even sold to remove the ammo from the stripper feed. Often times ammo sold in stripper clips is much cheaper, so unless u r a lazy sort, then it saves money.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments and input.
    The Blog Administrator

  6. I use to buy stripper clips in 30-06 before I sold my M1 Garand Rifle.

  7. The Reposter Guy,
    Thank you for your post to this topic.
    The Blog Administrator (The Firearms Guy)

  8. Simply put never load any magazine to its maximum capacity, that invites jamming.

  9. magazines that jam make sunac khan very angry



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