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Firearm Forum Question: Field Dressing a Deer

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Got my first deer this year, but had a lot of issues with field dressing the deer properly, is there a good video that explains How to Field Dress a Deer?
Thank you Carl Mudder.

Blog Administrator -
In searching Youtube I like the following instructional video the best.
Pay attention to the field dressing because the meat can become spoiled or contaminated if done improperly. The colder the weather the better for preserving the meat.
Personally I never tried to skin or carve the meat. I suggest before you go hunting find a butcher that will skin and butcher the meat including packaging for freezing. Also deer are quite heavy even after field dressing, so hunt with a buddy and be prepared to haul the carcass a fair distance to your vehicle. Always make sure you have 2 sharp knives, and wear surgical gloves. Remove any items on your wrist such as a watch or compass before starting the field dressing.

Important: Never shoot anything you are not going to eat. You can always donate the meat to a homeless shelter.

Reminder: Remember to sight in your rifle before going hunting. Also, it is advisable to carry a handgun.

WARNING: The following video is graphic you may not want young children viewing this video.
This Youtube Video is for Instructional Purposes only!

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  1. Good advice for both the new hunter and the novice

  2. Brings back memories, I haven't been hunting in over 10 years.


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