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Firearm Forum Question: Hunting with the AR15 Rifle

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Is it legal to hunt with my AR-15, 5.56 Assault Rifle?
Thank you Mr. Interested.

Blog Administrator -
The question is not easily answered, so here is a general rule that usually applies.
Check your state game and fish department for hunting regulations and restrictions on types of firearms and for what type of game.
Saying that, some states allow the use of an assault rifle such as the AR-15 or AK-47 for hunting but restrict the magazine capacity and bullet grain.
I advised getting a magazine called the AR-Stoner, AR-15 Hunting Magazine, capacity 5-Rounds per Mag. I bought two from USAMidway online, see above.
The advantage of these magazines allows for three possible uses:
1) For Hunting were 3 or 5 rounds maximum are permitted.
2) They are excellent for holding and firing 5.56 Blank Rounds, I have used them for blanks.
3) Often times in Competition Shooting 3 or 5 rounds are all that's allowed per magazine shoot.
Also, the 5-round magazine reduces both bulk and weight when carrying around your rifle for hunting.
Hunting with an AR-15 may be regulated to 55 Grain, FMJ, 223 Remington Rounds. Also, I don't know of or have ever heard of any state or territory that would allow ammo such as Tracers, so restrictions on types of ammo as well as magazine capacity is most likely. Once again, get the regulations first before obtaining a Hunting License and possible Stamp for certain game and hunting areas (game preserves, national parks, government or Indian lands). Once you know you can Hunt with your Assault Rifle, then proceed in getting the Hunting License and any additional stamp for the type of game you are hunting. Most of the people I have talked to that hunt with their AR-15 purchase 223 Remington UMC MC (Soft Point Ammo), 50-rounds per box (see picture below), especially when they are hunting for deer.

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  1. This blog makes me howl like a dog, then some # go man go !

  2. I have three of the 5-round magazines,they work great for hunting NV

  3. Over from TWITTER, saw your post about No PETA, agree completely. If people don't like hunting don't hunt, if you don't like guns don't own one, but don't tell everyone else what they should o should not do.


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