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Firearm Forum Question: What Should I Look for in an Upper Assault Rifle Assembly

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Just getting started in this Assault Rifle thing. Have little experience at buying this type of weapon. No prior military experience. So, what should I look for in buying an Upper for an assault rifle?
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Shown is a complete upper assemble for a 223/556 assault rifle.
This is my DPMS A4 Carbine 223 / 5.56 Upper Assembly.

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When buying an upper for any assault rifle regardless of the caliber, make sure it's complete and fully assembled. Should be able to be installed on any standard mil spec lower receiver.
This should include the following:
Barrel, A3 Picatinny Rail, 1/2"-28 Thread for Muzzle, A2 Flash Hider (make sure the flash hider is removable and not pinned), Hand Guard, Fixed Front Sight with Bayonet Lug, Fixed Rear Sight, Carbine-Length Gas System, Complete Bolt Carrier Group, Charging Handle, Forward Assist, Shell Deflector, Ejection Port Door, and 2-Piece Glacierguard Handguards.
Important Note - Anything not listed above would have to be purchased separately. I found it to be cost affective to buy the complete assembly all ready assembled. In other words, you should be able to drop the complete upper into any lower configuration assemble and fire it.

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  1. I own a STAG with complete interchangeable Uppers in 223-5.56 and 7.62x51, am pleased and happy with my STAG Rifle.

  2. My man and I have 2 assault rifles a Armalite and a Stag, we have interchangeable uppers for each. His is a 5.56 with an upper NATO 308, mine is a 5.56 with an upper 22lr, nice round about set of firearms I may add.


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