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Firearm Forum Question: What Should I Look for in a Complete Lower Assault Rifle Assembly

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In a previous post a question was asked 'What's in a complete Upper AR15 Assembly", I would like to know What's in a complete 'Lower Assembly'?
Thank you Fuzzy Stash.

Blog Administrator -
When buying a Lower for any assault rifle regardless of the caliber, make sure it's complete and fully assembled. The Upper should be able to be installed on any standard mil spec complete lower receiver and be ready to fire.
A Complete Lower Assembly should include the following: Complete Lower Parts Kit, Pistol Grip, Buffer Tube, Buffer, Buffer Spring, 6-Position M4 Style Stock, and Accepts all Standard Mil Spec Uppers.

1) You may want to look for a lower that can accommodate both right and left handed shooters if you plan to sell this firearm anytime in the near future.
2) The picture shows a lower assembly with 6-position adjustable stock. These also come with a fixed stock as on the original M-16 Style or a Folding Stock.
3) This post plus the previous post on December 11, 2013 showing the Upper gets one ready for a complete assault rifle, less the Magazines.
4) If you are purchasing an Assault Rifle in components as opposed to a complete rifle from an FFL dealer, you will have to buy a Magazine.

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