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Firearm Forum Question: Using Steel Case or Lead Bullet Ammo

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I have heard that you should not shoot steel case ammo through a modern 223/556 U.S. made assault rifle, like my Colt AR15, is this true?

Thank you Sammy da Shooter.

Blog Administrator -
Steel case ammo is primarily a Russian or former Soviet Bloc country manufactured ammunition. TulAmmo is commonly found and sold here in the USA, and is Russian made, and imported. This ammo cost less than more popular brands and is sold by Wal-Mart in 20-round boxes of 223 Caliber, 55 Grain, FMJ, Steel Case, Burden Primed. It is also widely sold by bulk ammo suppliers in 1,000 round packs (boxes). Wal-Mart also sells 7.62x39, shown above.
The real negative about this ammo is that it's 'Burden Primed.' Burden Primed ammo cannot be reloaded, which makes it a no buy for many shooters who reload their own ammo.
As for the steel case, most of this is now coated.
Russian made firearms have been shooting steel case ammo since WWII.
TuAmmo makes for good plinking ammo (target shooting). Just simply take a wire brush on your cleaning rod and spray it with some WD-40, run it through the barrel down to the bore, then wipe it with a clean dry patch a few times. Finally take a cleaning patch with some light oil and run it through barrel.
I shoot this all the time, but I do not reload and I always immediately clean the bore after shooting.
For those that may think this is not true then evaluate this FACT – Most shooters have owned a 22 Caliber Rifle or Handgun during their lifetime. Even high quality ammo such as Winchester 22 Caliber has lead bullets. I have owned many 22 caliber rifles and handguns that I used both copper and lead in 22 LR (Long Rifle Ammo), and have been doing so for 50 years, and without any problems. I still shoot both in my Ruger 10/22 Rifle.

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  1. lucky spunky man here,
    i agree in the most part of your evaluation and assessment .
    people often jump to conclusions and believe everything they hear .

  2. 22 lead bullets can be quite dirty that is why thy start to jam from the lead and powder build up

  3. blog admin - fully agree with your evaluation of steel and lead cased and lead bullets , anyone who has every owned a 22 caliber rifle or handgun knows these facts .

  4. If it shoots use it. Learn to clean and maintain your weapons they may save your life someday.

  5. I will not shoot steel cased ammo in my 556 Armalite.


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