Sunday, December 22, 2013

Firearm Forum Question: What's the Best Type of Forward Grip for My Picatinny Rail

Ask A Firearms Question:
Thinking of adding a Forward Grip to my Picatinny Rail, anyone have a suggestion? What's the most popular and best to use?
Thank you Cranky Critter.

Here are some Picatinny Rail Forward Grip Types and Styles:
Forward Folding Hand Grip Type -
Standard Fixed Forward Grip Type -
Finger Forward Fixed Hand Grip Type -
Forward Fixed Grip with Bi-Pod Feature -

Blog Administrator -
The best answer I can offer is try them out. Each person has their own likes and dislikes. I suggest going to a local Cabelas or Bass Pro Shop. You don't have to buy one there just try them.
Personally I have a Standard Fixed Forward Grip on my ArchAngel Conversion; and I have a Fixed Front Forward Grip with Bi-pod on my DPMS 556 M4 Carbine Assault Rifle. I don't have a forward grip on my AK-47 Cz made assault rifle.

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  1. I use the first picture on my Armalite 556

  2. just found your blog , will be back , good job .

  3. i prefer the bi-pod type for both of my firearms .

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments and input.
    The Blog Administrator


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