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Firearm Forum Question: Cleaning the Remington Model 700 Rifle

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I recently purchased a Remington Model 700, 30-06 Hunting Rifle, my first big caliber, can you provide a good video for cleaning my firearm?
Thank you Mr. Goodbye.

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Some people recommend using a bore guide before cleaning. I was taught the old fashioned way. Just put a cloth up inside the magzine slot. But using a bore guide is quite okay if you want to spend the extra money. Also some shooters recommend a one piece full length cleaning rod, I don't personally like the one piece rod they are too hard to store. Also, some people advise using a brass pointed jag. Th use of the jag is quite a good idea but not 'brass.' I use a plastic one, or a coated brass jag. Some solvents will interact with brass causing problems.

Here is a useful detailed YouTube Video that I personally like explaining in detail the cleaning of the Remington Model 700 Rifle.

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  1. Been hunting all my life, but this video is great for the mewbie and their Remington Model 700 Rifle.


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