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Firearm Forum Question: What's the Difference Between a Recall and a Product Warning Notice?

Ask A Firearms Question:
I am confused, what's the difference between a RECALL and a Product Warning Notice?
Thank you Cindy Grims.

Blog Administrator -
A 'RECALL' is just that. The manufacturer has determined the item in question, firearm, ammo, or firearm accessory has been deemed totally unsafe to use and should be returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

A 'PRODUCT WARNING NOTICE' is simply an advisement that there may be a problem or issue if the Firearm or item is used incorrectly.

Many Product Warning Notices eventually turn into a Recall if litigation so determines (lawyers suing on behalf of someone injured or who has died).

As I have stated many times, SAFETY First. Treat your weapon with respect. Clean it often, inspect it before use.

If you purchase a weapon or firearm accessory especially used, check to see if there is a Recall or Product Warning Notice out on that item or model.

If you are planning to purchase a NEW Firearm or Firearm Accessory check to see if there is Recall or Product Warning Notice on that item, if there is, avoid it altogether.

If you have any doubts about a Firearm get it checked out with a qualified Gunsmith in your area. 
If you live in Phoenix Arizona, I may be able to help you with a recommendation for a gunsmith. Many specialize in certain weapons or accessories.

If you buy AMMO either from a private seller or a licensed dealer you should always check to see if that Ammo Lot Number is on a Recall list. AMMO on Recall should never ever be used. Also inspect you ammo, make sure it is not rusty or corroded, if it is don't use it.
=> Important: If you shoot often you will encounter on occasion a round that will not fire, there nothing to be worried about, inspect the rest of the ammo before using and properly dispose of any unfired rounds.

I hope this has answered your question and cleared up the difference between a Recall and a Product Warning Notice.

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  1. Be advised on #Firearms and Ammo ReCalls - There is NO expiration date on recalls for various reasons.
    If you own or purchased a Firearm or Ammo always check to see if there is a recall on that model.

    Concerning RECALLS of #Firearms and Ammo I have gotten more than 30 emails asking me to verify recalls, these take time.

    I will post NEW Recalls and Product Warning Notices to the Firearms Forum Site as so as I can, please be patient. There are quite a few, so I might have to group some of them together by category.

  2. What the hell is this Google crap I need an account to leave a message?
    Anyway thank you for your post and clearing up the issue, it was very much appreciated.
    Cindy Grims

    1. Yes Google can be a real pain in the butt, I still prefer them over Yahoo any day. Just use the anonymous sign in like your doing.

  3. Well that's certainly a clarification, thank you.

  4. google will not let me sign into my yahoo email account
    this google having an acct to post here sucks ....

    what I wanted to say is i am very happy with the quality of this forum.

    i was gonna post more to other topics but google frustrates me.

    1. Get a Google Account, Yahoo is worst than Google and they really suck, the SPAM capital of the Internet.

  5. I did not though that.

    Anyway, I am another myway email user, tried to get a Google acct they want my phone number, yeah right only an idiot gives out their phone number. Couldn't get a Facebook Account for the same reason, Are these 2 morons connected to same idiot block in life?
    Larry Wilhelm III
    aka 1scuffydog

    1. Forget anything about Facebook, it is a con game and run by dirty filthy Obama Socialists commies.

  6. Clarification, Clarification, Clarification.

  7. Hey that thing is really about my safety so who cares what the hell they call it

  8. Nice explanation but in my profession one cannot take any risks his tools are gonna fail.

  9. To me you furnish a bad product - full stop ....

  10. Replies
    1. I agree, I don't care what the hell they call it, I am not using it.

  11. I see it as one option is pissing in the wind the other is pissing down my back and telling me it's rain.

  12. I see only trouble and I do not give a damn what you call it.

  13. Sounds like a legal loophole to me for these idiot manufacturers.

  14. I see it as marketing Wall Street buzz words.


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