Monday, January 12, 2015

Firearm Forum Question: Storing Your Rifle Scope

Ask A Firearms Question:
How can I inexpensively store a Rifle Scope?
Thank you Eric Catwalder.

Storing Your Rifle Scope:

Option 'A' - Use the box the Scope originally came in ....

Option 'B' - Purchase a Rifle Scope Case ....

Option 'C' - Purchase a Military Surplus Rifle Scope Case (I have one of these) ....

Blog Administrator -
I have a military surplus scope box that I picked for $2.00 and I use that on one of my old scopes, see picture above.
But if I have the old box the scope originally came in, I just store the scope back in that box.

But to answer your question, the least expensive way to store a rifle scope is shown in the homemade video below.

Option 'D' - Use an Old White Athletic Sock ....
Reasons for this method:
1) If you purchase a New Rifle with a Scope attached it may not have a separate box for the scope itself.
2) If you purchased a used Firearm with a Scope, most likely it did not come with the original box the scope was packed in.
3) Many people change out there Rifle Scope to a more expensive better quality scope, and keep the old one, which would have to be stored.
4) Some gun owners do not like to store their rifles with the scopes attached.
5) Often times the simplest method is the best method.

Homemade Video: How to Inexpensively store your Rifle Scope ....

Note: I do not recommend purchasing a Rifle Scope Case unless your scope is of high value.

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  1. I'll be damn proof the old fashion inexpensive ways work.

  2. Not for this wise guy I do everything up close and personal none of that long distance crap for me

  3. Good advice if you own a rifle which I don't.

  4. Ah the old sock whatever uses people come up with never cease to surprise me.

  5. Good idea if you own a rifle and a rifle scope.

  6. Like I said, there is good info at this gun forum.

  7. Get the picture people, expensive is not always the best way.

  8. Gee whiz I am that guy that spent the money on a nice storage case but then I have an $800.00 scope.

  9. Replies
    1. absolutely there concept is to protect the item

  10. I am happy to read your article.
    Thanks for share the article.
    Thank you so much.
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