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Firearm Forum Question: Winchester Lever Action Rifles, Product Warning Notice

Ask A Firearms Question:
Is there a Product Recall on the Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Rifle? I have heard there is, and then heard there is no recall. I recently purchased a used Model 94, 30-30 Caliber Lever Action Rifle for Hunting, and I am reluctant to now use it?
Thank you Tony Rasman.

Winchester Model 1894 Carbine Lever Action 30-30 Caliber Rifle:

Blog Administrator -
This is a nebulas area. Winchester claims it is not an official 'Recall Notice' but rather a 'Product Warning for Gun Owners', this is per Winchester's website. The entire 'Product Warning Notice is posted below along with the LINK to Winchester Firearms Page.

Note: Some of the Models noted below are Bolt Action Rifles.

Personally, if you own one of these Winchester Rifles listed below, I would have it checked out by a qualified Gunsmith, preferably one that specializes in Winchester Firearms Products.

From Winchester Firearms Website Page -
News Headline
News Publishing Date: 10/2/2014

WINCHESTER® Model 94 Family of Lever-Action Rifles, Carbines, and Muskets with Half-Cock Safety.
Winchester Model 94 (including commemoratives); Winchester Model 1894; Winchester Model 9422 and Model 9422M; Winchester Model 55 Sears®, Model 54, and Ted Williams® Model 100; Winchester Model 64 and 64A; Winchester Centennial ’66; and Winchester Canadian Centennial ‘67.

The Olin Corporation, through its Winchester Division, is warning users of the above firearms that when there is a live cartridge in the chamber, dropping, jarring or bumping the firearm may cause an accidental discharge, which may result in property damage, serious personal injury or death to the user or others:
With the hammer in the full-down position, a slight impact to, or bumping the hammer can cause a discharge.
With the hammer in the half-cock safety position, a hard impact to the hammer, such as from dropping the firearm, can break the safety mechanism and cause a discharge.
With the hammer in any position, a hard impact, such as from dropping or jarring the firearm, can cause a discharge, even if the hammer is not impacted.
To reduce the risk of accidental discharge, follow safe firearm handling practices, including:
Always maintain control of the firearm and keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times.
Never place the hammer in the full-down position when there is a live cartridge in the chamber.
Never rely on the half-cock safety to prevent accidental discharge due to dropping or jarring the firearm, or hard impacts to the hammer.
When there is a live cartridge in the chamber, avoid activities that increase the risk of dropping or jarring the rifle, such as running, climbing, crossing a fence, and taking the firearm up and down from a tree stand.
This is not an ammunition or firearm recall.
For Winchester firearm owner’s manuals please go to
© 2014 WINCHESTER 600 Powder Mill Road East Alton, IL 62024-1273

Owners are being asked to CALL Winchester with any specific information needs on their Rifle. Have the Model Number and Serial Number ready.

For more information on Winchester Guns:
Winchester Repeating Arms
(800) 333-3288 or (801) 876-2711

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  1. Holly Crap, WTH. I have 3 Winchester Rifles. I am calling these stupid buggers.

    1. Holy Crap is right.
      I own a 30-30 Winchester Rifle.

  2. Col,
    I cannot believe this is not on a full recall.
    This so-called Product Warning is in fact a, Complete Defect.
    Is Winchester waiting for the deaths to mount up before they do something?

  3. WTF, this should be a RECALL. Damn stupid Wall Street greedy useless bastards.

  4. The hell you say.
    Winchester can kiss my butt, I am selling my Lever action 30-30 today.

  5. The Devil was wearing his combat boots on this one.

  6. Be advised on Firearms and Ammo ReCalls - There is NO expiration date on recalls for various reasons.
    If you own or purchased a Firearm or Ammo always check to see if there is a recall on that model or Lot Number.

  7. Concerning RECALLS of Firearms and Ammo I have gotten more than 30 emails asking me to verify recalls, these take time.

    I will post NEW Recalls to this Firearms Forum Site when I can. There are quite a few, so I will have to group them together by category.

  8. there goes over 100 years of history right out the damn window

  9. I am glad I never got into hunting.

  10. I am only into handguns and shotguns. My work demands close encounters.

  11. I hunted for many years with my grandfathers model 94 without issue..point it at the ground ..a lot of older guns will go off if you drop them, the safety mechanisms weren't all that great on antique firearms. My daughter hunted with the same model 94 and shot a deer with it...I would not be afraid to hunt with it again..practice general safety by always pointing it down or in a safe direction.

  12. And, once again cowboys and hunters of 4-legged creatures must be shaking

  13. Stay with a handgun, up close and natural. But then again I only hunt 2-legged creatures.

  14. No worries for me here, I sold my 30-30 two years ago.

  15. My brother has a Marlin. Have you heard of any issues with the Marlin lever action rifles?

  16. Is this why Custer lost at Little Big Horn?

  17. My hubby doesn't like lever action rifles.

  18. Just checked my 30-30 is not on the recall list but mine was made in the later 1960's.

  19. My brother says, stick with an AK-47.

  20. There must be a lot of angry cowboys now.

  21. I sold my Winchester Lever Action 30-30.

  22. Winchester you really suck as a manufacturer.

  23. The Flag Ship of Winchester just sank

  24. I have a model 94 lever action in a centennial model made for NRA in 1971.My question is do knew why the bluing on the receiver is peeling off like is a film it looks like it chrome or nickel underneath. Can you tell me if anything can done to make repairs.


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