Saturday, January 17, 2015

Firearm Forum Question: Zombie Killing Ammo and Targets

Ask A Firearms Question:
Is it true you can actually buy Zombie Killing Ammo and Targets for Practice Shooting?
Thank you Parker James.

Zombie Ammo from Hornady ....

Zombie Blasters (Shotgun Ammo) from Lightfield ....

Blog Administrator -
Yes, both Ammo and Targets are being marketed and sold.

Hollywood has created a vast following of viewers into Zombies. There have been lots of movies and TV shows about Zombies a.k.a. the Walking Dead.

As a result of this following some ammo manufacturers have capitalized on this as a product shown above.

Several suppliers have Zombie Targets, Types, and Size for people to practice there shooting skills at. They offer several types at my Indoor Gun Range.

Zombie Shooting Targets ....

Hunting and Killing Zombies:

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  1. I see Zombies everywhere, most people call them Politicians (lol).
    Sincere thanks for posting my subject request.
    Parker James

  2. I have some in both handgun and shotgun.

  3. if they come to eat my face then maybe, maybe I will worry until then pow 22 to the back of the head

  4. I know a few assholes that act like Zombies, eventually they are taken care of the old fashion way.

  5. I got me some, I think the Zombies are being hidden away by the government to be released when the economy collapses.

  6. Step 1 - Shoot the Zombie in the head
    Step 2 - Cut the Zombie's head off.
    Step 3 - Burn the Zombie bodies.

  7. Since Zombies never die and don't get tired, just think of how good it would be to turn them into landscapers and send all the damn Illegals back.

    1. Yeah and lets include politicians in that scenario they all have dead brains just like Zombies.

  8. I have seen what looks like a few Zombies on the Santa Monica Pier.

  9. Let me see is there a difference in Muslims, Illegals, and Zombies, I say know, kill them all let God sort them out later.

  10. Zombies my Aunt Lucy's fat butt.
    The hell with Zombies, lets make some special ammo for these damn stinking useless Illegals.

  11. Zombies are why I bought me a Flamethrower.

  12. Zombies, Politicians, Lawyers, Judges, Bureaucrats, can I ask what the hell is the difference?

  13. May I repaet, get a AK47 and a Japanese Samurai Sword.

  14. After reading your Topic Post on Prepping, Part 2 maybe I better buy a few rounds.

  15. Oh hell yeah, what a marketing tool capitalized upon.

  16. Let me see Kill a Zombie or a Liberal, ummmm

  17. Love to read it,Waiting For More new Update and I Already Read your Recent Post its Great Thanks. Regards: 80 percent lower


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