Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Firearm Forum Question: The Colt Model 1911 Recall Notice

Ask A Firearms Question:
I was just informed that Colt Firearms has issued a RECALL Notice on there Model 1911 Handgun, is this true?
Thank you Ginger Bread Man.

The Colt Firearms Company is Recalling various models of their handguns as shown below:

Colt Model 1911 WW1 Replica ....
 Colt Model 1918 WW1 Replica ....
 Colt Combat Elite ....
 Colt Defender ....
 Colt New Agent ....
 Colt Talo Night Defender ....

Colt Government Model Schematic ....

Blog Administrator -
Yes, Colt has issued a RECALL Notice on various models of their Pistols (semi auto handguns) including the Model 1911 as shown above.

Colt owners of the above handguns need to go to the Colt Firearms Website, LINK below, type in their Serial Number (S/N) and see if their pistol is on the RECALL List. If it is, follow the instructions. Colt will repair or replace the handgun Free of Charge.

Colt Firearms Toll Free Number : 1-800-862-2658
Once you open the LINK Below click on the yellow portion entitled: Read the Recall Notice in its Entirety ....

Here is the LINK to Colt Firearms Recall Notice Page:

Good luck from The Firearms Guy.

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  1. Been out of town, just read your email stating you did my topic.
    I greatly appreciate your efforts and thank you for the info.
    Ginger Bread Man

  2. Holly mother of puss buckets, even Colt has deteriorated to crap. Glad I own one older model.

  3. u gotta be kidding me useless american made crap

  4. Nice service revolver the military should have stuck with it.

  5. Damn they use to make a fine weapon.

  6. Americans are becoming a third world country.

  7. A great service handgun never let me down.

  8. I have the older version, no problems, no issues. Another American company that has gone sour.

    1. Me to, mine dates back to 1977. These new products are crap.

  9. Somebody forgot there quality control.

  10. What a frigging disappointment Colt has become.

  11. This is really disappointing.
    Gotta run, off to work, sorry I haven't visited your site in some time.

    For the records, this is the best dog gone firearms forum anywhere.

  12. You just wanna bitch slap these damn American Firearms Manufacturers.

  13. manufacturers just cannot produce quality products anymore

  14. Man our government must be asleep letting all these manufacturers get away with this shit.

  15. I will make sure I never buy one.

  16. Well we wont have to worry about Colt much longer they are a bankrupt defunct company

  17. It is imperative that we read thread post very carefully. I am already done it and find that this post is really amazing Regards: 80 percent lower


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