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Firearm Forum Question: Which is better to Own? Ammo versus Gold, Silver, and Commodities

Ask A Firearms Question:
In these trying times, what in your opinion is more important to have Ammo (ammunition) or investing in something like Gold, Silver, or Commodities such as diamonds?
Thank you Roy Callhoon.
Also email requested by: The Reposter Guy; Jason Duran; Jarhead Mike; Stanley Mitt; Shaky Sam; Larry Gilroy; and Victor Tamarosi.

I am NOT an Investment Advisor and this is written for Information Purposes only, and is solely my opinion. This follows the premiss of some form of economic upheaval. A Survivalist (Prepper) mode of reaction to chaos, anarchy, war, pandemic, etc.

Ammo (Ammunition) in BULK is my choice for investing in the future today .... 
Silver in Bars and Coins ....
Lose Diamonds or other Gems ....
Gold in Bars and Coins ....

Blog Administrator -
I received numerous emails about my thoughts on buying Ammo and other Prepper items in the event of some type of upheaval occurring.

I realize this is slightly off the purpose and concept of The Firearms Forum (Ask A Firearms Question), but since it involves Prepping and Ammo, I decided to include it one time only in this forum.

For me, personally, I am investing in Ammo. I do have some one ounce .999 pure Silver Rounds (coins) and a limited number of .999 pure Gold South African Krugerrand's (coins).

I do NOT own any other type of investments such as Stocks, Bonds, t-Bills, Mutual Funds, Futures, etc.

Remember, anything coming out of Wall Street or the Commodity Exchanges is electronic. In simple terms that means you have a paperless transaction, which you cannot hold in your hand and cash in, trade, or sell from one private individual to another. I do realize people have Pension Plans, 401Ks, etc. However, on a personal level using disposable income, including a tax refund, buying these would be totally worthless if the economy crashed.
Many people feel Gold is the best hedge against inflation, frankly I prefer Silver, you get more quantity for your dollar purchase, and you can cash a few silver coins versus one gold coin. The example I use for Gold versus Silver, if you needed a tank of gasoline, you wouldn't give the attendant a one ounce gold coin, a one ounce silver coin would make more sense. Therefore, silver in minted rounds (coins) is easier to dispose of and has better bargaining power. You can always add additional silver coins to make the barter work. Using a simple calculation of $30.00 per silver one ounce coin versus $1,000.00 per once ounce gold coin, you would get 33 silver coins to one gold coin.

Why Ammo versus a Real Commodity such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Precious Gems?
Simply put, when everything goes to the toilet, we have anarchy or global recession or some major force that disrupts our daily lives, people will panic, and no police force will be able to control it.
Therefore, AMMO, becomes the most valuable commodity for two reasons:
1) Self survival and protection (keeping what is yours safe from looters and people who wish to harm you and your family). Lets face it you can't throw a gold coin at them.
2) With ample ammo and the proper firearms, and when I need it for my family, I will just take what you have - Gold, Silver, Food, Water, Clothing, Vehicle, etc. This is why I laugh at the anti-gun nuts, they will be the first victims to fall.
Some may say this is crazy and immoral but charity stops where survival begins.

Consider this Part 1 of 3 parts on Survival and Prepping, my personal views of getting through a crisis that could last years and beyond.
Looking forward to many comments and debate on this Topic Forum Page Subject. 

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  1. well i guess my thinking has been stinking all this time
    ammo huh
    okay let me look into my crystal ball here,
    oh shit, another war is on the horizon,
    ammo it is then

  2. What, do tell, guess I am on the wrong path, again.

  3. I have an AK47, and a Glock 17 both with 10,000 rounds of ammo each. I also have about 5 gold coins and 100 silver coins. Will that do?

  4. I am still the old fashion cash and carry type.

  5. Thank you for reviewing my subject request :
    Your answer coincides with my thoughts exactly.
    Jason Duran

  6. Shaky Sam commenting ,,
    Really appreciate your candor on the the subject matter requested.
    10 years ago I started on Gold Coins, 3 years ago switched to Silver Coins, last year switched to Ammo.

    P.S. ,,, I do not play the Google game ,,, sorry signing in as anonymous.

    1. Victor Tamarosi posting ...
      Would also like to repeat what Shaky Sam said so well.
      Will add that this Firearms Forum is one great asset to Gun Owners everywhere.

  7. Stanley Mitt has arrived safe and sound at your Firearms Forum.
    Wishing you the best and thanking you for posting this topic.

  8. Jarhead Mike, USMC Retired.
    Semper Fi.
    Thank u for ur email response and great posted topic I requested.
    I can see I am on the path of self reliance and salvation, praise the AR15 Assault Rifle and all the ammo I can carry.

  9. I have been doing Silver Rounds for years, never had any faith in Gold fluctuation prices. Silver is more stable and percentage wise has a better return. And, as you pointed out you get a lot more Silver pieces than one Gold piece for the same money.
    Also Silver Rounds are the best way to buy Silver. After all you just want One Ounce of .999 Silver.
    As for Ammo, my Dad is hooked on that so I guess if the crapper backs up and this fails and chaos ensues, between the two of us we got it pretty much covered.
    Thank you for your topic post and including me in the request field.
    Roy Callhoon

  10. This is Larry Gilroy and thank you for adding my name to the requested post topic.
    I do not do the silly ass Google nonsense of having their account.
    I use myway and they dont offer that in the drop down box, shame on there ass.

    Anyway, great post, I appreciate your insight and perspective.

  11. Ammo, Ammo, Ammo, Ammo.
    Thank you Col for including me in the QA.

  12. I am more materialistic and I personally hold onto dollars.

  13. I live n the edge all the time, so money, cash in hand is what I go with, ammo is always on hand but just enough to get the job done.

  14. Is it Okay to have Ammo and Silver Coins, cause I do.

  15. Excuse me why I own them all plus cash.

  16. I have Ammo, and Silver & Gold coins, hidden cash reserves, and 100 day supply of food and 30 day supply of water.

  17. Hell I live in an old dilapidated trailer on the beach and I cannot afford any of those choices.

  18. We just reached 15,000 rounds of 223 and 5.56 combo.
    Now working of 12 Gauge shotgun shells

    So, yes, AMMO, buy it now.

  19. I have lots and lots of ammo, so I guess I am on the right track there Mr. Firearms Guy.
    I like the way you think.

  20. I have it all except the precious stones and gems.

  21. I guess I am out of touch. I have cash on hand, US $ and Euros.
    My thinking maybe stinking I shall return to my ultra ego chamber and reevaluate.

  22. I have about 20,000 rounds and 500 Silver round coins plus some bit coins.

  23. Does this mean my CD is in jeopardy?

  24. Well your follow up Topic Post, Part 2, Prepping, certainly verifies ammo is the best choice to own.

  25. After reading your two threads on Prepping / Survival I guess I will stop buying Silver now and start buying more ammo.

  26. Now you read it, get off your butt and buy some ammo


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