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Firearm Forum Question: Product Review of the Flambeau Outdoors, Oversized Safeshot Double Gun Case

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This is my personal 'Review' of the Flambeau Outdoors, Oversized Safeshot Double Gun Case.
I recently purchased one of these from for $41.15 including tax (note, S&H was free because order was over $35.00).
See the manufacturers description of the Gun Case; and my personal REVIEW of the Product below ... 

Product Details from the Manufacturer -
Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 53.4 x 4.5 inches.
Actual Weight Empty: 2.8 pounds.
Four locking points for security.
Combination of piano style hinge and brass hinge provide durability, safety and protection.
Oversized double will accommodate two scoped rifles.
Durable egg-shell foam. 

My Review and Opinion of this Product:
1) My Remington 700 with Flash Hider, Bi-Pod, and Scope is longer than some Rifles. I purchased this case because I needed a longer, wider, deeper case that was reasonably priced.
2) The case fulfills my needs but understand I am simply storing the rifle and using this case for transporting the rifle to and from the Gun Range only. For this purpose the Gun Case is quite adequate.
3) The case is inexpensive so if you are looking for quality, aluminum, roughness, waterproof, durability, and able to ship a firearm on a plane, train, bus, or ship this case is NOT for you. The Flambeau Outdoors, Oversized Safeshot Gun Case is molded plastic.
4) You get what you pay for. Spend the money for what you need not what someone else thinks you should purchase.
5) My downside review on this case simply is that the Manufacturer, Flambeau Outdoors, states the case will hold two rifles with scope. I found this not to be true. It holds one Hunting Rifle with scope, bi-pod, and flash hider. When closing the lid with the Remington Bolt removed, the case is still a tight fit. This case needs to be one inch deeper. Also the foam padding is not secure and falls out.
6) Amazon quickly shipped the case and I received it in 5 days via UPS.
7) As for durability, I just received it. As for actual use one trip to the Gunsmith and one trip to the Outdoor Gun Range, and so far so good. Time will tell the rest.

Here are my photos of the Flambeau Outdoors, Oversized Safeshot Double Gun Case in use ... 

Answer / Review:
Blog Administrator -
For the money I believe it was worth the price, but again you get what you pay for.
This case is very similar to a Plano but comes in a larger size for my needs.
As far as Flambeau Outdoors claim it will hold 2 Rifles with Scopes, I don't see it happening.

I Rate this Gun Case as a ... BUY

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    I will give an honest totally non-biased independent review of your product.

  2. Found your site from Pinterest.
    Like minds we are.
    Bought one of these cases about 2 weeks ago, I will say your assessment and review is 100 percent accurate.

  3. I just ordered one yesterday, hope it's okay. Your review is worth the effort. Even after reading this I would have still bought one, after all it's on;y $40.00. Like you said don't expect too much for this amount of money.

  4. hey, i never store my guns i use them and then, hey

  5. Good info if you are into rifles which I am not.

  6. Nice review, I agree you get what you pay for so don't expect a Mercedes when buying a VW.

  7. I just ordered one for my Remington 700 based on your review.

  8. Don't own a rifle but a job well done on the review.

  9. Good review will keep this stored in my memory banks.

  10. My hubby likes this one - thank you for your post and evaluation.

  11. I have a Plano I use now and it's not all that great but as you say you get what you pay for.

    1. So do I, but these are larger and less money.

    2. Good point.
      If you are just transporting to the gun range you dont need anything fancy.

  12. Next time I will go this route, I also have a Plano.

  13. Appears to be of Plano quality but more for the buck.

  14. Practical and inexpensive I like it.

  15. this thread is a point well taken and noted .

  16. So far all I have needed is soft gun cases but if I need something larger this is a good source.

  17. My husband says thank you Colonel for the info.

  18. I am convinced I am going to order one on Monday from Amazon.

  19. I am going to purchase one of these now if they are still available.

  20. I bought one of these a few months ago under your recommendation
    Been quite happy with it


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