Friday, January 23, 2015

Firearm Forum Question: Types of Shotgun Gauges, Shells, Shot Sizes, and There Effects Explained

Ask A Firearms Question:
There is so many choices in Shotgun Shells and Loads now, can you simplify what they are and there uses?
Thank you Brad Brundi.

Blog Administrator -
I found four very good Youtube Videos, shown below that thoroughly explains Shotgun Gauges, Shot Sizes, Chokes, and Ammo uses.

Preppers, Survivalist, Hunters, Home Defense Users, Shotgun Reloaders, Trap and Skeet Shooters, and Zombie Killers take note.

Youtube Video: Shotgun Shell Shot Size Explained ....

Youtube Video: Various Shotgun Shells Demonstrated ....

Youtube Video: Shotgun Basics - Gauges, Shells, and Chokes Explained ....

Youtube Video: L Lee Ermey, USMC Demonstrates the 3 Basic Shotgun Loads ....

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  1. rcv'd ur email abt my requested post subject , hv gone thru everything twice , great job in assembling this fine explanation of shotguns , shotgun gauges , shot sizes , and shotgun ammo use .

    best regards to you and your .
    Brad Brundi

  2. a damn good job putting this together.
    i have 4 shotguns and have been hunting for over 20 years and i even learned something.
    thank you

  3. A shotgun has always been my personal choice and preferred home defense weapon.

    Great post this thread tells it like it is and covers what you need to know to make good choices in both selecting a shotgun gauge and type of shell.

  4. What happened to the good old days when life was simple, you bought a shotgun for hunting and the type you bought was based on what you hunted.

    Oh tell Google there sign-in requirement suck butt.

  5. Been rabbit hunting for 15 years, own a tactical shotgun, my father told me never think you know it all because you will be proven wrong, and after seeing this thread he was right. I learned a lot about shotgun shells and loads. You are the best Mr. Firearms Guy.

  6. unbelievable - I have used some of these more nasty ones from time to time.

  7. Great job as always.
    I have some of that exotic shotgun ammo.
    I own a Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun.
    Can you do a topic post on the KSG?
    Arvin Shinns.

  8. Bradley Cummings has arrived at your site from Facebook.
    This site is absolutely amazing, best damn gun information site ever.

    I also own a KSG Shotgun and a post would be appreciated.

  9. Leonid Brushkov visiting this extremely well developed and put together site,
    I have a IZHMASH Saiga-12 Gauge Shotgun and would love to see you develop a topic on that.
    Ain't America great or what?

  10. May I start off by saying this thread is so damn well put together and informative it almost blows my mind.

    Sir, I have been enlightened.

    a Chief Petty Officer,

  11. I have the Mossberg 500 SPX 6-Shot Tactical Shotgun and these videos were very helpful in making selections of shotgun shell ammo.

  12. I am liking I am.

  13. This site is fantastic and contains a wealth of information.
    Thank you.

  14. Just adore your site ever so much but this Google sign-in is total bullshit.

    Also, what happened, you were posting a lot of topics this month and now they have suddenly stopped?

    Reanne Limus

  15. Ah hell yeah, now this is something I can related to.
    On occasion I have a need for a shotgun, like the double barrel shorty that I carry under my rain coat always in 12 gauge but sometimes I do use a pump.

  16. I just got a new education of shotgun shells.

  17. More knowledge I am getting smarter today reading this forum I will tell you.

  18. Oh yeah the door blasters at a real riot.

  19. Criminals should read this topic, then when they here my pump action shotgun in the middle of the night they will have more respect for whats about to happen.

  20. Yep and my hubby always says,
    A shotgun will adjust your attitude.

  21. In the desert for Rattlesnakes I use the 20 Gauge #71/2 Shot, less recoil.
    For hunting I use the 12 Gauge.

  22. I am always always learning something new at this site.

  23. Isn't technology flipping wonderful or what.

  24. Damn Col Jack you never cease to amaze me with your endless knowledge. I learned new things here today.

  25. Damn interesting fact based explanation.

  26. I was quite aware of most of the newer shotgun shells but then someone is always going to come up with a new mixture or composite to load.

  27. A shotgun in my opinion is the best designed weapon in the last 130 years.

  28. Always found the pump style 12 gauge to my liking.

  29. Like I said a wealth of information can be found on this site.

  30. Another excellent article well laid out and explained.

  31. Here is another topic page, can you remember this or that.
    But appreciated you have pass this vast knowledge onto common gun owners such as myself.

  32. Some serious information here and well noted for any future use I may contemplate.

  33. Now days you need to carry a pocket note pad just to keep up with all the new stuff available.

  34. You need some kind of score card to keep of with what and for what use.

    1. Man do I ever agree with that statement.

  35. Who the hell can keep up anymore?

  36. The information you have posted is very useful. The sites you have referred was good. Thanks for sharing Regards: AR15 80 percent lower


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