Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Firearm Forum Question: Disassembly, Cleaning, and Reassembly of the Sig Sauer P938, 9mm and 22LR Handgun

Ask A Firearms Question:
Can you do a segment on the Sig Sauer P938 Compact, 9mm Handgun?
I just purchased the Extreme and I am using this as my carry weapon.
Thank you Janet Blades.

From Sig Sauer 2015 Website:
The P938 Extreme, 9mm .... 

The P938 Rosewood, 9mm ....

The P938 9mm Spec Sheet ...

Blog Administrator -
The Sig Sauer, according to their 2015 online catalog make six models of the P938 in 9mm and one model in 22LR. They all Disassemble and Reassemble the same way.

Please see the YouTube Video below for complete instructions on Disassembly, Cleaning, and Reassembly of the Sig Sauer Model P938.

Youtube Video: Instructions for the Disassembly, Cleaning, and Reassembly of the Sig Sauer Model P938 Sub Compact Handgun ....

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  1. Sorry I don't do this Google requirement nonsense and they wont take my email.

    Really appreciate the job you did on this thread.
    Thanks for posting it for me.
    Got your email early this am..
    I am heading off to work now, have a fine day.
    Janet Blades

  2. I prefer the 22 caliber for close in works if you get my drift

  3. I have been thinking of upgrading to a semi auto but then there's that damn California law getting in my way again.

  4. No damn German Sigs for this cowboy.

  5. I am sure this has been said, but I will say it again, BUY a Glock.

  6. Well done, excellent for the beginner Sig owner.

  7. I was thinking of getting one of these and decided against it.

  8. To repeat I was looking at a Ruger SR22 what should I buy?

  9. Sig cost factors are not warranted for me, stick with the Glock

  10. Awesome and interesting thread. Great things you've always shared with us. Thanks. Just continue composing this kind of post. Regards: AR15 80 percent lower


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