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Firearm Forum Question: CVA In-Line Black Powder Rifle Recall Notice

Ask A Firearms Question:
I just bought my first Black Powder In-Line Rifle, it is a used CVA, now I was told it may be on a RECALL list. Also that CVA is no longer in business. What should I do?
Thank you Henry J. Thomas.

Here is an example of a CVA In-Line Black Powder Rifle that exploded in use.

Typical Looking CVA Model In-Line Black Powder Rifle ... 

CVA Percussion Style Black Powder Rifle,
 these are NOT on Recall ....

Blog Administrator -
Yes, some CVA In-Line Rifles are on a Nationwide Recall List. And, yes, CVA was purchased by Blackpowder Products, Inc.
CVA (Connecticut Valley Arms) is still handling the recall on these particular Black Powder Rifles, see notice from company below.
The CVA In-Line Rifles on the RECALL List have the following Serial Numbers (S/N): 61-13-XXXXXX-95 and 61-13-XXXXXX-96.
Check your serial number and if the Firearm is in this manufactured series you need to return it for repair or replacement.

1) The Recall notice was issued by CVA August 1997.
2) Blackpowder Products purchased CVA May 1999.

RECALL Notice of CVA In-Line Black Powder Rifles ...

From CVA Website -
If you have one of these rifles, call CVA immediately at 770-449-4687 for complete details and replacement barrel.

Link to -
CVA Website:

Blackpowder Products (BP Outdoors) Website:
BPI Outdoors
1685 Boggs Road, Suite 300
Duluth, GA 30096

=> Many areas of the country have Black Powder Organizations and Shooting Clubs, you may want to contact one in your area for advice. Also a used Black Powder weapon should be thoroughly inspected by a qualified gunsmith before firing it.

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  1. Be advised on Firearms and Ammo ReCalls - There is NO expiration date on recalls for various reasons.
    If you own or purchased a Firearm or Ammo always check to see if there is a recall on that model or Lot Number.

  2. Concerning RECALLS of Firearms and Ammo I have gotten more than 30 emails asking me to verify recalls, these take time.

    I will post NEW Recalls to this Firearms Forum Site when I can. There are quite a few, so I will have to group them together by category.

  3. Found a Facebook Page called LouisLewis, was viewing a lot of LINKS he has posted to your Firearms Forum Pages, is that you?

    And as a Gun Owner, non Hunter, I am terribly worried about all these RECALLS you have posted and now there may be even more, What the Hell is going on?

  4. That scares the crap out of me that a firearm with a proof stamp can explode like that.

  5. well i never had an desire to be Daniel Boone anyway

  6. Replies
    1. Tell them Eric but I don't think they will listen.

  7. I am strictly a modern handgun type of wise guy.

  8. I gave up Black Powder musket shooting about 10 years ago.

  9. Davy Crockett be so proud of modern technology.

  10. They made a better cracker jack box back in the day of the frontiersman than these bozos make.

  11. Damn I knew I gave up black powder shooting for a reason.

  12. Replies
    1. Funny unless you are the person holding that piece of shit when it blows up.

  13. I certainly have no intention on getting into black powder shooting.


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