Friday, January 2, 2015

Firearm Forum Question: Threading a Hunting Rifle Barrel and Adding a Flash Hider

Ask A Firearms Question:
What is your thoughts on Threading a Hunting Rifle Barrel and Adding a Flash Hider?
Thank you John Paul Steckler the 8th.

Savage 300 Winchester Magnum Rifle ....
Savage Rifle Barrel before Threading and Flash Hider Added ....
Rifle after being Threaded and Flash Hider added ...

Blog Administrator -
For the most part it is an excellent idea. Adding a Flash Hider on a large caliber center fire hunting rifle can reduce the recoil by 25 to 40 percent.
I recently had my Savage 300 Win Mag Barrel threaded and a Flash Hider added, see pictures above.
The downside is the front sight must be permanently removed. Also if this is a collector or high value rifle I wouldn't do it.
But on a standard modern Hunting Rifle like a Savage or Remington that is all ready outfitted with a Rifle Scope I would recommend it.
Note - Many New Hunting Rifles do not come with Iron Sights.
Also once the barrel is threaded it can now accept a Suppressor (silencer).
Since the front sight has been removed the use of iron sights to sight in your target is pretty much out of the question so a Rifle Scope would be needed. Therefore, cost becomes an issue. If you all ready have a Rifle Scope mounted then get your Hunting Rifle Barrel Threaded and a Flash Hider added. Make sure you use a reputable gunsmith for threading otherwise the rifle barrel is rendered useless. You would then have to replace the entire barrel or cut the barrel length down. Also make sure you put on a quality Rifle Flash Hider these usually cost around $45.00 to $60.00. Threading a Rifle Barrel is between $65.00 and $135.00.

Typical Bolt Action Hunting Rifle with Iron Sights ...

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    The Firearms Guy

  2. I have a Winchester 30-30 I use for Hunting but after reading your Product Warning about there rifles, I may get rid of it and buy a bolt action Savage Hunting Rifle.

  3. I have been thinking of getting this done to my Remington 700.

  4. I had mine done in August it was worth the money.

  5. Whatever happen to American craftsmanship?

  6. I no longer hunt.
    But, I long distance shoot and I have a flash hider on my rifle.
    Good advice.

  7. Excellent suggestion and I totally agree with this approach.

  8. Been wanting to get that done, guess I better stop procrastinating.

    1. Hubby is looking for someone in our area now to have our hunting rifles done.
      Thank you Mr. Firearms guy we will get right on it.

  9. Bet the long distance shooters all have these.

  10. I don't hunt 4 legged creatures. The 2 legged however seem to be more of a challenge.

  11. I have 3 Hunting Rifles, they are all threaded.

  12. Interesting I will pass this along to my associates.

  13. This is an excellent suggestion for long distance shooting.

  14. Took your advice got this done on my Remington 700.

  15. Here is another item I have been considering for about a year to get done, guess I better find someone and have it modified.
    Thanks for reminding me.

  16. Looks good to me, I am gonna get right on it.

  17. I just recently had my Savage 30-06 done, it was a wise choice.

  18. I have been putting this off way to damn long, need to get it done, like this week.

  19. Okay I am convinced will get right on it.

  20. I will definitely keep this in mind.

  21. Here is another item on my to do list


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