Thursday, January 15, 2015

Firearm Forum Question: Winchester Shotguns, Product Safety Notice

Ask A Firearms Question:
It is my understanding that Winchester has a Warning and Safety Notice out on various Models of there Shotguns. Can you elaborate?
Thank you Prepping4Ever.

Winchester Shotgun Product Safety Notice ....


Winchester Model 1200 Slide Action (Pump) Shotgun ...

Winchester Model 1300 Slide Action (Pump) Shotgun ...

Winchester Model 120 Youth Slide Action (Pump) Shotgun ...

Sears Model 200 Slide Action (Pump) Shotgun ...

Sears Model Ted William 200 Slide Action (Pump) Shotgun ...

Winchester Model 1400 Semi-Automatic Shotgun ...

Winchester Model 1500 Semi-Automatic Shotgun ...

Winchester Model 140 Semi-Automatic Shotgun ...

Winchester Model 2400 Semi-Automatic Shotgun ...

Sears Model 300 Semi-Automatic Shotgun ...

Sears Model Ted William 300 Semi-Automatic Shotgun ...

Winchester Slide Action (Pump) Shotgun Diagram ...

Blog Administrator -
Yes, this is correct and it is on various Winchester Model Shotguns as listed above.

I have included a LINK to Winchester Firearms page concerning this Notice below.

Winchester Link, concerning Winchester's Shotgun Product Safety Notice -

Winchester is asking all Gun Owners to view their Firearms Manuals.
Here is a Link to Winchester Firearm Manuals -

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  1. Prepping4Ever has arrived at your wonderfully informed and well laid out Firearms Forum Site.
    Thank you for posting my request and for the email telling me the post was available for online viewing.
    I purchased the Winchester Model 1200 Pump Action Shotgun, and I want everyone starting at Olin Corp/Winchester to know I am damn pissed off.

  2. I have the Winchester Model 1500, guess I better check Monday with those morons at Winchester to see if I am on their list.

  3. I think shotgun I think 12 gauge close in oo buck to get the job done right

  4. Now this pisses me off. I like a good Winchester Pump Action once in awhile.

  5. I will check my serial number, Winchester must be run by people with Zombie mentalities.

  6. Checked both of my Winchester shotguns I am okay.

  7. A popular shotgun brand bet there are a lot of pissed off people now.

  8. Gonna check my S/N today and see if I am on the recall list.

  9. Hubby check his and all is well but he is still pissed off that this ever happened.

  10. Winchester is a second rate company, there status in the wold has diminished to nothing.

  11. Like I said, I dont have any Winchester Ammo, and I dont own a Winchester Shotgun.

  12. Well damn I will be checking my Winchester Shotgun serial number today.

  13. Oh well like I said, another American manufactured product added to my never buy list.

  14. With the Winchester Ammo Recalls this is double, wait, triple whammy.

  15. I just bought the Kel-Tec, KSG, bullpup shotgun, 12 gauge.

    I also have a Saiga 12 Gauge with drum feed.

    Can you do a TOPIC post on both the Saiga and KSG Shotguns?

    1. thinking of getting a ksg now that winchester has a recall out how do you like yours so far ?

  16. i have a remington i hunt with and a winchester model 1330 shown above for home defense .
    winchester says my shotgun is not on the recall list do you think i should sell it or keep it ?

  17. Checked mine against the recall I am okay.

  18. I own a short barrel cut down modified Remington 12 Gauge Shotgun and 2 Mossberg Shotguns.

  19. May I digress, where the hell is the BATF?

  20. Did you notice all the BIG Icons of the Firearm industry - Winchester, Colt, Remington have gone to sewer.

  21. Such a total disappointment Winchester has become


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