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Firearm Forum Question: Ruger Revolver Product Warning Notice

Ask A Firearms Question:
Recently bought a 3-Screw Ruger Blackhawk Revolver. I was told at the local gun range these have a Ruger Recall, is this correct, and if so, what prompted the recall notice?
Thank you Jimmy Says.

On a 3 Screw Ruger Revolver, the screws are clearly shown and visible:
Typical Ruger Cowboy Single Six Revolver with 3 Screws ....
Typical Ruger Single Six Convertible Cowboy Revolver with 3 Screws ....
 From Ruger's Website - Product Warning Notice ....

Current Cowboy Revolvers from Ruger's Website (the 3 Screws have been changed to 2-Screws) ....

Blog Administrator -
Ruger issued some time back a Product Warning for all 3-Screw Model Revolvers, commonly found in Cowboy Shooter Handguns.

The 3-Screw Model is easy to identify.
One side of the revolver will have 3 visible screws under the Revolver Cylinder.
These Models do not have a transfer bar and can cause a discharge if the firearm is bumped or dropped with a live round in the cylinder chamber.

If you have one of these older Ruger Models, Ruger will do an upgrade free of charge. Contact Ruger and get a shipping box and send the entire handgun back to them.

Three frame screws identify the 'old model' (Pre-1973) Single Six, Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk revolvers. Serial numbers below 93-00000 identify old Bearcat and Super Bearcat models. If your revolver has the words 'New Model', 'Bisley', 'Vaquero', or 'Old Army' on the frame, this offer is not applicable.

I actually know a fellow cowboy SASS shooter who's 3-screw handgun fell out of his holster and discharged.

Safety First: When I carry my Ruger Six Shooter Cowboy Vaquero Birds Head 45
I never ever have a loaded round in the cylinder the hammer rest on.

Here are more details to assist Ruger 3-Screw Handgun Owners:

Ruger FAQs:
Please write or call Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. Department KC, Lacey Place, Southport, CT 06890 for full details and a free shipping box. Phone: 928-541-8892

=> Important: To view and open the LINKS from Ruger you must have Adobe Reader installed (the files are in .pdf format) ...

A FREE Safety Offer from Ruger:

Ruger Handle with Care:

The Empty Chamber:

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  1. Thanks for clarifying my Ruger Revolver issue.
    Jimmy Says

  2. I am aware of this.
    You advice is sound. Always keep any revolver hammer sitting on an open chamber.

  3. SASS shooters are top notch.

  4. Cowboys everywhere must be pissing in their boots over this one.

    1. But if you piss in your boots you will slush when you walk.

    2. Eric - you should be ashamed of yourself, lol

  5. Hope none of you cowboys shoot yourself in the foot.

  6. I am a serious Colt Cowboy Shooter. The old 3-screw Rugers are well made and very popular. You just keep the hammer sitting on an empty cylinder round.

  7. Totally aware of this. I have one of the old 45 Colts.

  8. No cowboy shooting for me, I am x-military.

  9. Interesting.
    I own a Uberti 45lc.
    Can a Colt or Ruger Cylinder be interchanged with my Uberti?
    I want to add a 45acp because they are cheaper to shoot.
    George L.

  10. I am really losing faith in American arms and ammunition manufacturers.

  11. What to say now, all the big Icons have in some way become a serious disappointment.

  12. Ah the old 3 screw great gun but don't drop one


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