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Firearm Forum Question: Ruger Cowboy Revolvers

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I have been looking to add a 45 ACP revolver cylinder to my Ruger 45lc (Long Colt), Ruger has been little or no help, what advice can you give me?
Thank you C. Rosco Harper.

Blog Administrator -
These were available in both the Ruger Blackhawk and Vaquero models. Ruger sold the rights to make this combination (45lc/45acp) to Lipsey's Guns and Davidson's (Gallery of Guns) by model (see Ruger's website). Ruger nor it's exclusive distributors will sell just the 45 acp revolver cylinder. Ruger, however, will replace either the 45lc or the 45acp cylinder if one of them is lost, stolen, or damaged if and only if the firearm (Vaquero, Blackhawk) were originally purchased as a combination from Ruger. Call Ruger, get a return authorization number for the revolver and ship it back. The estimated cost for fitting a new cylinder by Ruger is approximately $135.00.
Important Safety Fact: If you acquire a Ruger 45 ACP Cylinder for your revolver it must be fitted and configured by a gunsmith. Do not attempt to shoot your firearm without having it properly fitted.
Background: Many SASS shooters use Ruger 45lc revolvers. Since the cost of 45lc ammo has skyrocketed owning a single cylinder 45lc is no longer practical. Therefore, many shooters want a combination 45lc/45acp because the 45 acp ammo at the the moment is less expensive to shoot. If you own any 45lc revolver, you need to reload your own ammo. At minimum save the brass, cowboy shooters will buy it.
I suggest looking on Gun Broker periodically for a 45 acp cylinder for your needs. The current market shows these selling for around $85.00.
Ruger's Poor Marketing Approach: In my opinion, Ruger has taken a very dismal marketing approach by licensing specific models to exclusive distributors. Also, the demand for 45acp cylinders for both the Vaquero and Blackhawk 45lc revolvers warrant making these 45 acp cylinders available for direct sale.
Ruger Firearms and Your Revolver: If you have had any Cowboy style action job performed on your Ruger revolver, do NOT return it to Ruger. Ruger, along with most firearms manufactures will return the firearm to it's original specs before returning it to you.
Sample Photos of Ruger 45lc Revolvers:
Original Vaquero with Birdshead

Ruger Blackhawk

Ruger Bisley in Stainless Steel

Standard Ruger Vaquero

Ruger Birdshead (new version) 45lc/45acp known as the Combo

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