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Firearm Forum Question: Dry Firing a Cowboy Six Shooter, Single Action Revolver

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I have a Ruger Blackhawk 38/357 with interchangeable 9mm cylinder. I bought this a few years back and mostly shoot 9mm now because of the cost of ammo. I also have a cowboy fast draw holster.
My question is: Can I dry fire my Ruger Single Six Blackhawk Revolver without damaging it?
Thank you Las LaRue.

Blog Administrator -
The answer for RUGER Cowboy style revolver Owners is Yes.
Dry firing a Ruger will not harm the handgun, and that's straight from Ruger. I once owned the Blackhawk, and currently own the Vaquero which both were dry fired repeatedly.
I know a lot of Colt cowboy shooters and they generally use dummy rounds in their Single Action Revolvers.
Uberti and other Colt Clone knockoffs I would recommend you use dummy rounds.
Note: The Caliber on a Ruger does not matter on dry firing.

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  1. Dear Administrator,
    Although you mentioned Ruger is safe to dry fire and that Dummy Rounds should be used on other manufacturers such as Uberti, one should pay particular attention to handguns including cowboy action revolvers that have the pointed hammer style versus the flat style that hits the trigger. Dry firing the pointed hammer can damage the firearm.

    1. I completely agree with your evaluation and assessment.

  2. Ah the smell of gun powder from fast draw shooting competition makes my day!

    1. That along with a helping of Bacon and some Coffee.

  3. I am James Condor and I'd like to ask a question, what is a free spinning cylinder?

    1. Your question is forthcoming as a Topic Post, sorry for any delay.

  4. Good info , thankx

  5. dark avenger here
    i have a colt and ruger . the colt is a 45lc , and the ruger is a 22lr , and i must say colt is very disappointing , the cost is exorbitant for what you get , although i see ruger has been raising their prices as well . i wouldn't personally own the clones from cimarron or uberti .

  6. If you are just starting out with little or no experience in reloading, I strongly suggest that you get some advice on what powder and primers to use and how to set up your reloading equipment properly. After all you don't want your firearm to explode in your face.
    Just some food for thought.
    Edward Bernstein.

  7. I have a Ruger and dry fire it all the time, been doing it for years. Yes, RUGER confirms on their website under FAQ's that you can indeed DRY FIRE their Cowboy style single action revolvers.
    Enjoyed your site.
    Good stuff here, will be back for more visits.

  8. Thank you everyone for your comments.
    The Blog Administrator

  9. because i was able to dry fire a ruger without damaging it is the sold reason i bought one. i now own 3, and wouldn't own any other single action revolver.

  10. Dry firing will never hurt a Ruger / this is also why I own one

  11. Damn another fact I did not know, thank you for this info.


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