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Firearm Forum Question: Spinning and Slamming Shut a Revolver Cylinder

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My question involves the art of spinning a revolver cylinder and slamming it shut as shown in so many Hollywood movies and TV shows, Does this hurt the cylinder or revolver? I own a Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum Revolver, I just love the sound of the cylinder spinning fully loaded then flipping my wrist and slamming the cylinder shut.
Thank you Norman Wojablanski.

Blog Administrator -
Wow, lets break this question down into three parts as follows:
1) The act of spinning a revolver cylinder either single or double action will not harm the firearm. However, you should not do this loaded. I always spin my empty cylinders after cleaning to make sure they are properly lubricated. I also recommend pointing the weapon down on a 45 degree angle when spinning the cylinder.
2) Slamming the cylinder shut either empty or loaded will harm the firearm. The revolver shown above has a pivot arm (yoke or crane) that holds the cylinder, you weaken the arm and the push rod by slamming it shut. In some firearms you may also damage the latch that opens the cylinder. This may also wear down the grooves on the cylinder.
3) Your firearm is NOT a toy, so don't treat it like one. Real firearms are dangerous and replicating Hollywood action scenes in movies and TV shows reflects a real lack of respect for your firearm. The cylinder either empty or loaded should be closed with just enough pushing force to lock it into place.
Personal Safety Note: I always keep all my loaded revolvers with one empty cylinder which rests in the firing position. Never point a firearm in the direction of any person or object.

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  1. Gee Whiz it just seems commonsense has disappeared from this planet, let the aliens come and take us.
    Mr. Firearms Guy you gave great advice but I doubt that individual will absorb it, but I hope they do.

  2. Thank you for your post to this topic.
    The Blog Administrator (The Firearms Guy)

  3. Okay Mr. Wojablanski may be addicted to action movies and thinks his handgun gives him a warm fuzzy feeling all over but it is detrimental to his well being and it sure doesn't do the gun any good either.
    ps- damn google wouldn't let me sign into my account, guess it's too old to use.

  4. Some may argue that spinning a cylinder repeatedly can harm the gun, but not on single action cowboy style handguns, especially those made by Ruger.

  5. Nice site, enjoyed the read
    The Dirty Dog Salon

  6. i fully agree with your assessment blog administrator on the disadvantages of spinning and slamming a revolver cylinder.

  7. I did know this was harmful, and my old Colt is locked up in the gun safe, hasn't been fired in years.


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