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Firearm Forum Question: Testing the Izor Armory Rifle Flash Hider and Suppressor

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This is my personal 'Review' of Izor Armory Flash Hider/Compensator and Rifle Suppressor on two different 300 Winchester Magnum Rifles; a Remington 700 USMC Sniper Rifle, and a Savage Hunting Rifle.

My personal REVIEW of the Product below ...
The two rifles, a Remington and Savage both with Scopes and both in 300 Winchester Magnum had threaded barrels with Flash Hiders added. The TEST was conducted at the Ben Avery Outdoor Shooting Range. It was very windy with blowing dust, 20 Mph gust to 26 Mph. The range was busy with a lot of shooters.
The Db (decibel) rating average without Suppressor (silencer) was ...
Remington 300 Win Mag USMC Sniper Rifle = 150 Db.
Savage 300 Win Mag Hunting Rifle = 145 Db
The Db (decibel) rating average with Suppressor (silencer) for both Rifles was ...
130 Db

Target Distance was 100 Yards.

Ammo (ammunition) used for TEST ....
Federal Deer Thugs, 300 Win Mag, 180 Grain Bonded Soft Point -
Muzzle Velocity - 2,950 fps
At 100 Yards = 2,760 fps

Remington 700, USMC Sniper Rifle, 300 Win Mag ....

Savage Model 111 Trophy XP Package Rifle with Nikon Scope, 300 Win Mag ....

Answer / Review:
Blog Administrator -
The Threaded Barrel and Flash Hider / Compensator done by Izor Armory performed perfectly on both rifles.
The Rifle Suppressor (silencer) greatly reduced the sound but still would be fairly audible at around 130Db.
Izor's Steel Rifle Suppressors, however, are designed to work on any Rifle from 30 Caliber through 300 Win Mag. Performing this well on a 300 Winchester Magnum Caliber would reflect a BUY recommendation for rifles like the 300 Blackout or the AR15 Platform in 5.56.
In addition, Izor Armory Rifle Suppressors are reasonably priced compared to other similar manufacturers on the market for the same use.

Izor Armory Website Link -

I Rate this Multi Caliber Rifle Suppressor as a ... BUY

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  1. Never heard of Izor, how does this stack up against the major brands?

  2. Once again Mr. Firearms Guy some of my associates will be pleased with this. Personally I like to work in close so rifles aren't for me.

  3. Wow oh wow a suppressor company that lets you test there products before you buy one, now that's a real American company.

  4. Like test driving a car before buying, I like this Izor's approach to business.

    1. Ever so true. Mfg just want to sell not participate and interact with their buyers.

  5. I just have an old fashioned snub nose 38 Spl.

  6. Bang Bang ...
    Someone once suggested using a decibel meter on my farts.

  7. If I was in your area I would definitely have the Izor people test there suppressor on my 300 Blackout.

    1. I would love to have it tested on my 30-06 Savage Hunting Rifle.

  8. I do not do much with rifles but I do like this Izors approach to testing before buying.

    1. Well said, and now unheard of in America.

  9. This post coupled with the Suppressor overview has been extremely helpful on my decision of what suppressor to purchase for my assault rifle.

  10. i like the concept of one size fits from 30 caliber to 300 win mag .
    did you ever buy one of these for your win mag rifles ???

  11. I wonder if there is enough sound the live target hears before dying?

  12. I found this very enlightening.

  13. Well what you know a real American company.

  14. Unlike some of my colleagues, I have, on occasion the need for a rifle and quite that goes with it.

  15. Like I said I need to get me a Gun Trust.

  16. I am going to have to get over to this guy's shop and check these out.

  17. I wonder how many everyday citizens buy one of these.

  18. So Mr. Firearms guy, did you buy one?

  19. Like I have all ready said, looks like fun but where is the practicality?

  20. 30 to 300 but the diameter of a 30-06 will not fit this suppressor but still a damn good idea

  21. Also you cannot put a suppressor on an AK47 because of the barrel configuration
    The bullet will strike the baffle in the suppressor


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