Sunday, January 18, 2015

Firearm Forum Question: For Sale, Anti-Jihad Ammo - Fact or Myth

Ask A Firearms Question:
I heard there is Ammo (ammunition) for sale that is especially designed to deter Muslim Jihadist (Terrorist), is this true and where is it sold?
Thank you The Independent Terrorist Hunter.

Jihawg Ammo:
Jihawg Website Logo ....
 Jihawg Ammo ....
 Jihawg T-shirts ....
 Jihawg Shooting Targets ....

Remington ISIL 00 Buck & Bacon Bits 12-Gauge Nitro Magnum Shotgun Shells  ....

Blog Administrator -
This is both a Fact and a Myth.
1) Fact - There was a company operating out of Utah selling various caliber ammo called Jihawg. All sales to my knowledge were sold online directly from the ammo maker. Latest rumor the Jihawg site was hacked and they are either out of business as of January 2015, or are temporarily shutdown. I tried to call and email the company, and have had no response. Some online news agencies are reporting Jihawg is out of business for good.
2) Myth - There was one site displaying Remington ISIL 00 Buck & Bacon Bits 12-Gauge Nitro Magnum Shotgun Shells. I personally called Remington Ammunition on the morning of Friday, January 16, 2015, and Remington said this is a hoax and is totally bogus. It is an altered pictured posted on the Internet of Remington's Nitro Shotgun Shells.

Finally, never forget the homemade Ammo from reloaders ...

=> I hope this clarifies your question. I am always interested in specialized ammo. If anyone hears of this ammunition coming back on the market please contact me and I will update this site posted topic for my readers.

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  1. just my luck , wonder if someone else will pick up the sword and start making ammo that deters these damn muslims .... ?

    big thank u for the post , love this forum site about firearms ....
    the independent terrorist hunter

  2. wow, could use about 1.6 billion rounds of that jihad killer

  3. one would begin to theorize was this our government that forced jihawg to close through endless intimidation and so called political correctness or was it threats from idiots muslims - or both = ?

  4. Damn I missed out on this one. If I had only knew I would have bought me some.

  5. Ronnie Ustep says ....
    great old fashioned site about firearms, the government is doing every damn thing possible to hinder these sights and stupid social media sources such as google, yahoo, twitter, and facebook are helping them.
    all i can say if the jihadist show up at my property i am prepared.
    and i am not giving my f**king phone number to anyone so i can get an account.

  6. Ammo is ammo is ammo if it kills it work and thats all that counts

  7. I always have contended let my people handle these terrorist.

  8. Bet those useless ass New Media Liberal scum bags drove that guy out of business.

  9. The best anti jihad ammo is a 20 kiloton nuclear bomb.

  10. The best way to insult a Muslim is cut off there head and burn the body, oh hell wait, isn't that what ISIS (all Muslims) are doing to other Muslims?

  11. I say meet force with force, try a baseball bat repeatedly to there head.

  12. The problem with these damn Muslims is we haven't played Cowboy and Muslim yet, just ask an Indian how worked out.

  13. I tried to call Jihawg, no reply. And there website is still down foes to some other stupid place.

    1. I also tried to call yesterday and nothing guess they are out of business.

  14. Do you remember when our troops had that picture taken of them peeing on dead Muslims and everyone in the news media made such a fuss. Well what about all the dead people ISIS kills for there total lack of humanity, where s the outcry over that.
    Just wait, America will be attacked again because we have a wuss for a President, but then again Obama is a Muslim.

    If this guy was still selling that Jihawg ammo I would buy it.

  15. Dang me Colonel Jack I could have stocked up on that.

    1. Yeah owning a few boxes would have been nice, a real conversation starter.

  16. The sounds of gun fire, explosions and death in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries will only be silenced when ALL Muslims are dead. They hate us people get that through your tiny Liberal stupid brains. Kill them all now while we still have the upper hand.

  17. question ,,,,
    who shut the site down ...
    hackers , muslims , liberals ????????

  18. Muslims are rolling over and puckering up for this.

  19. i don't know about this but i do know islam is a disease that needs to be cut out and eliminated from the human race

  20. My hubby likes it, too bad they don't sell this anymore.

  21. Ah now this is a product I could get behind.

  22. Out of business, I know many people who have tried to purchase this ammo.


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