Monday, January 19, 2015

Firearm Forum Question: Battle Axe Attachment for the Picatinny Rail

Ask A Firearms Question:
I was told that someone makes a Battle Axe Attachment for Assault Rifles with Picatinny Rails, is this true, and who makes it?
Bet it's good for Zombie Killing.
Thank you Jimmy Joe Bluebaker.

Tact-Axe, Battle Style Axe for your Picatinny Rail:
Mounted on a Typical AR Type Assault Weapon ....
 Mounted on a Tactical Shotgun ....
 Mounted on a Glock Handgun ...
 Oh Yeah, Battle Ready, Bring on the Zombies ....

Blog Administrator -
Yes someone actually makes a Battle Style Axe, it's called the Tact-Axe, that fits onto a Picatinny Rail. The seller, Melee Mods, claims it attaches to most assault rifles, shotguns, and handguns that have the rail.
It is mounted on the underside of the Picatinny Rail.
See the pictures above.
The purpose, according to the seller, is when you hear that 'Click' sound and you are out of Ammo, the Battle Axe comes in handy to save the day.
Personally, that's why I have a Bayonet for my AR15.

Here is the Link to their Website:
Melee Mods -

Also please review this other Firearms Forum Topic Post as further reference -
Zombie Killing Ammo and Targets:

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  1. Thank you sir for posting my request, good job.
    Jimmy Joe Bluebaker

  2. I think you said it best Mr. Firearms Guy, isn't that why they developed a Bayonet.

  3. Buy this and I have some infested rattlesnake desert land I can let you have cheap.

  4. Somebody must have woken to $$$$ signs and created this nonsense.

  5. I own several throwing axes and this is just plain stupid.

  6. Hell just get an AK47 and a Japanese Samurai Sword.

  7. This needs to be rated: a NO BUY.

  8. I could tell you what to do with this but this is a family forum

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