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Firearm Forum Question: Buying a AR15 308 NATO Assault Rifle

Ask A Firearms Question:
I am seriously interested in buying a AR style .308 caliber rifle, cost and quality are factors. It must be Mil Spec.  So, what are your best recommendations of all the available brands? I've handled several at small FB shops and even big box stores and it is a bit confusing.
Thank you Bob Cooper.

Commonly used Assault Weapon Weights ....

The AR 15 308:
DPMS 308 NATO ....

Armalite Sporting Rifle DEF10, 308 NATO ....

Bushmaster XM-10 308 ORC, 308 Winchester 7.62x51 ....

About the AR 308 NATO Platform ....

Answer :
Blog Administrator -
When choosing the AR 308 it is important to remember that there is a difference between the 308 Winchester Caliber and the 308 NATO (7.62x51mm) Round. Make sure you always purchase a platform AR firearm that can shoot the 308 Winchester, which has a higher pressure. This allows you to use hunting ammo and avoids any mistakes in loading the wrong cartridge that could result in a damaged firearm or personal injury. Before purchase, consult the AR Manufacturer and make sure the 308 Winchester Cartridge can be used.

As for the question, which 308 AR to choose, my recommendations are as follows:
1) Again I must stress if you are determined to buy a 308 AR Platform make sure it will accept the 308 Winchester Round.
2) These can be quite costly depending on how you outfit them, i.e. Picatinny Rail accessories; optics / scope; sling; bi-pod; magazine capacity; number of magazines; etc.
3) You may want to look into a USED AR 308, many of which have all ready been outfitted with a variety of accessories, you can generally save 20 to 50 percent on cost over a New purchase.
Some places to look for a Used AR -
** Phoenix AZ backpage
** Local Pawn Shops
4) I suggest going to various gun shops, holding different brands of AR15 308's, look for how it feels to you, watch out for heavy weighted front end weapons.

==> As for a choice if I were buying a 308 AR new or used my first choice would be a DPMS.
Armalite and Bushmaster are also good choices.

Personal Note -
I am not a fan of the AR 308 NATO Platform assault rifle.
Better choice is the AK-47, 7.62x39mm. You can generally buy 2 rounds of AK ammo for the price of one 308 NATO round. The AK shoots any brand, is reliable, and the number one choice of assault rifle around the world.

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  1. I recently bought a 'Used' DPMS AR15 308 with Pictainny Rail, Red/Green Dot Optics, Bi-Pod, and Flashlight for $675.00 in very good condition.

  2. Wow, another great information topic.

  3. I agree never been a fan of the 308. I prefer the AK.

    1. The AK is superior don't think so, bury your AR in the sand for 30 days and see if it will shoot without blowing up

  4. Get an M1 Garand 30-06.
    Buy an AK-47, 7.62x39mm
    For real fire power get a 300 Winchester Magnum.

  5. In 100 percent full agreement with this post as written.

  6. I have all Marlin Lever Action Rifles and load my own ammo.

  7. May I suggest a 300 Winchester Magnum instead.

  8. I have an Armalite 308, bought it used, no complaints.

  9. I bought a used COLT all it does is jam.


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