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Firearm Forum Question: Armscor Ammo Potential Product Safety Issues

Ask A Firearms Question:
Is there a Product Warning and Safety Notice -or- Recall on Amrscor Ammunition? There has been a lot of reported issues with this ammo including damage firearms from using this product. Please tell us what's up with all this Armscor Ammo Failures.
Thank you Simon McQueen.

Amrscor Ammunition Manufacturing is a Philippine (foreign) owned ammo company. They do have a factory in Pahrump Nevada and Stevensville Montana (USA). They also have a facility in Marikina Philippines.

Amrscor 22 LR Ammo ....
Amrscor 223 AR Ammo ....
Amrscor 9mm Ammo ....

From the Amrscor Website, 2015, Ammo Products ....
Calibers Offered By Armscor Ammo:
.22 Short
22 LR
22 MRF
357 Magnum
9 MM
.45 Auto
.38 Special
.380 Auto
.38 Super
.40 S & W
.223 REM
5.56 MM
.30 Carbine
20 Gauge
12 Gauge
Single Slug

Answer :
Blog Administrator -
I have researched this and at the time of this posting there is no official Product Recall or Warning out from Armscor Ammunition about any safety issues. I checked there website and found nothing except a list of ammo products they sell which I have included above.
This concerns me from the aspect that numerous incidents have occurred using this ammo in various calibers including severe damage to firearms and some injuries have been reported.
See Youtube Video below on documentary of user that had a bad experience.
I have included my opinion below.

Youtube Video: Armscor 22LR Ammo Failure ....
Note - On my previous Topic Post, Remington was having issues with their Model 597 Semi Auto Rifle that is discussed in this video.

Some other reported incidents, posted to the Internet, using Armscor Ammo:
1) Was out firing my sig mosquito today and a round of armscor ammunition (.22lr) exploded inside the weapon spraying fragments into face.. Was NOT fun , managed to recover the exploded rim on the ground, and upon closer inspection of the weapon noticed that the rest of the brass was lodged inside the chamber and was removed with a cleaning rod and a small mallet.

2) One piece of ammo was so overloaded with gunpowder that it blew up in my face. It destroyed the German-made .22 caliber pistol I recently bought at the last gun show. I was lucky I was wearing protective shooting glasses when I fired the Armscor .22 caliber ammo because my eyes would have been hit by the gunpowder residue.
3) Other failures have included bad ammo in 22LR; 223; 9mm; and 45 acp. These failures range from misfires to jammed rounds to split casings.

Some reported posted Armscor Ammo failures and firearm damage:
.223 / 5.56 AR15 Assaut Rifle ....
22 Caliber LR Ruger 10/22 Rifle Magazine ....

My Opinion -
I have some Armscor 22LR. I have not fired it so I have no personal experience with this ammo.
My suggestion is examine all Armscor Ammo before use.
Look for the following ....
1) Expanded shell casings
2) Lose bullets
3) Bulge casings
4) Bulge in the primers

If you are nervous about using this ammo, sell it or dispose of it safely.
I would inspect all Amrscor Ammo before use.

I am baffled as to why Armscor has not had a Product Recall on the Lot Numbers affected.
Also people experiencing these issues should contact the ATF/BATF and file a complaint immediately.
If your firearm has been damaged or you were injured in the use of this ammo, consult an attorney at once.

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  1. Thank you ever so much for posting my topic request.
    Great job.
    I too am surprised the ATF or someone hasn't forced a recall.
    Hoping some lawyer kicks Armscor butt.
    Simon McQueen

  2. Poor manufacturing and piss poor quality control, where is the government inspection?

  3. Another bad example of poor quality management.

  4. I don't have any now I wont buy any.

  5. Will avoid this, in my line of work, I cannot have ammo failures.

  6. Foreign intervention is bad for America.

    1. But yet both political parties do everything they can to insure American jobs are lost overseas.

  7. Another PRODUCT on my Do NOT Frigging BUY List

    1. More work for some ambulance chasing lawyer.


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