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Firearm Forum Question: Logical Thoughts for Survival and Prepping, Part 2

Ask A Firearms Question:
Can you elaborate and express your opinion on Prepping (Becoming a Prepper) and Survival for all kinds of emergency situations? I am having problems sifting through mounds of data and videos with a variety of opinions all over the place on what you should and should not do.
How far should I go, what steps is needed?
What is right and wrong?
What is the minimum amount of food and water should I keep on hand?
Do you have a plan?
Thank you Shoe String Willie.

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For every individual anywhere, it is recommended by FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) that you should have 3-days of non-perishable food and water for each person in your home. This should be recycled on a regular basis, check expiration dates frequently, replace as needed.
I personally recommend a minimum of 10-days for every American.
For Preppers I recommend 90-Days. 
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This is Prepping (Survival) Part 2 of 3:
This is a commonsense logical approach to preparing yourself for an emergency -

You must understand and be aware what will arise, what situations may occur, and plan alternatives. You will not have time to make alternate plans, so any impact on your original survival plan must be supported by a quick optional plan.

To get started, see the photos below with explanation of each where necessary ....

Generally there are usually signs of an impending emergency which can bring on shortages of ....
Food and Bottled Water -
Gasoline (fuel), there will be people getting gas for there cars and trying to fill up gasoline containers - 
As patience runs thin, frustration grows, tempers fly - 
Fuel with no expected deliveries will run out quickly and the gas stations will close -

There are two scenarios that always play out in an any emergency:
1) Evacuate the area to a safer place.
2) Hunker down and stay where you are and ride it out.

Evacuating the area to a Safer Place
If you decide to Bug Out remember to do the following before you leave -
1) Turn off Your Water
2) Turn off Your Electric
3) Turn off Your Gas or Propane
4) Turn off Your Hot Water Heater
5) Move any Propane Tank away from your home
6) Make sure you have not stored in your home or garage any dangerous chemicals that could explode or catch fire
7) Disconnect any battery terminals from things like a lawnmower, tractor, vehicle not in use, etc.

Do you have a Bug Out Pack ready ? -

If you wait to long to leave the area, and as the Panic starts, you will encounter massive problems from people being on the highways walking, riding bicycles, etc.
Surface streets may become impassable -
Next will be the Looting, Riots, and Anarchy -
This will be followed by the government implementing Martial Law -
Some think this is a likely scenario for America ....
The government has learned from other incidents around the world that people will use Social Media as a form of protest and opposition to any government crackdown ....
Expect the government to block and suspend all the major social media sites -
Bugging Out, Do it early, If possible ....
People will use every type of vehicle anyone can think of -
Every major city and urban area have emergency evacuation routes -
The highways will be jammed with all types of vehicles in bumper to bumper traffic causing tension and tempers to fly -
As time progresses the situation will worsen -
The next issue will be fuel (gasoline) for your vehicles -
Even if you have a full tank and some extra cans, fuel reserves will dwindle and dry up rapidly, cost will sky rocket out of control, add this to the fact the gas station attendant will want to be home with their family ....
Besides Cars and Trucks on the roads you will have to deal with Bicycles and Motorcycles. People will use every form of transportation to escape ...
Another issue on the Highways is you will have to deal with Road Rage ....
Train Stations won't be any better ....
Airports will be a nightmare ....
Thinking of leaving on your Private Jet to that expensive underground condo bunker, think again with getting out of an airport ....
If you live near the ocean, a large river, or a big lake some will try and escape by boat. Boat owners will oversell the capacity to maximize there personal gain at the expense of everyone else ....
Price gouging will be everywhere, and simple basic items will rise dramatically in cost.
Then there is the fact that money may not be any good, so other forms of payment may be necessary or a barter system may be implemented ...
Make sure you read Prepping Part 1, see the link is below.
You may see signs pop up like this one ....
If you are able to get where you are going, many Preppers believe that having underground bunkers are an answer -
For the rich and famous, if they can get there ....
Typical Underground Bunker.
Remember, the issue is getting from your home to that remote location.
Underground Bunkers are damn expensive ranging from around $50,000 to $500,000.
These underground bunkers are capable of housing a family including food and water ....
Underground Bunkers require air vents both for fresh air intake and to vent a closed in confined area.
The stack is generally visible. If you cover them up you cut off the air supply ....
One way to find an Underground Bunker is to use a Metal Detector -

Defending an Underground Bunker can be harder than you think.
Some methods of attack could include ....
1) Smoke. Just build a fire with green wood around the air intake vent.
2) Cover up the Fresh Air Intake Vent. No air, you will come out soon or pass out from CO2 (carbon dioxide).
3) Unlikely, but possible, that someone has large piece of machinery such as a bulldozer. The bunker could be dug up and compromised.
4) A Flamethrower could be used, see below.

The alternate method known as the Natural Remote Shelter -
A Cave, Rock Fortress, House cut out into the side of mountain or hill ....
Once you reach your objective remote hideaway, you will probably find having a Dirt Bike, Dune Buggy, or ATV helpful ....

Deciding to Stay where you are and wait it out
Home Defense -
If you are planning to hunker down and stay where you are then you need to secure your position ....
Under normal conditions a security system is advisable. However, during a crisis the first thing anyone will do is disable your security cameras. This can be done by simply shooting them out ....
Steel Shutters normally would be an excellent idea but rely on cameras for viewing your property ...
Typical plywood barriers used for hurricanes can afford some home defense if slots are cut in the wood at eye level for viewing and shooting ....
Having large amounts of stores on hand afford you the ability to remain in place providing you don't tell anyone you have them.
The government recommends every American should have a minimum of 3-days of food and drinking water stored per family member in the event of an emergency ....
A Steel Door with a vertical slot affords you the ability to see out and use a weapon if necessary ....
Some property owners go to extreme and build observation towers and other devices. The one shown below is made of steel but also can be seen from a distance.
Keeping a quiet low profile is more important ....
As odd as the cartoon appears some people will actually get on top of their roof to see what's going on, and who is approaching their property. This merely tells everyone that the house is occupied and has things of value, like food and water ....
Signs are a stupid idea -
Again you are announcing what you have and what your intentions are. If you have any on you property in public view remove them now ....
The problem with defending your property (home) a house is not a fortress. and was never designed to withstand an assault -
There are too many areas to defend such as the Windows. Most single story homes will probably have 10 windows of various sizes. These are just simple metal or wood frame with glass ...
Then there's the Front Door, some homes have a side door as well. These are usually just wood with wood frame, many have a screen door but that adds no real security ....
Next many homes have a Garage. Garage doors can be either aluminum or wood. The best are solid, the worst have glass windows. They are not anchored very well and can easily be penetrated from an attack ....
Exterior Lighting is excellent under normal conditions to deter burglars. Many are motion seƱor activated. There are two downsides to depending on exterior lighting:
1) They tell everyone someone is there. Again if you stay home to ride out the crisis stay low profile. 2) There probably won't be any electricity or it will be intermittent. Outdoor lighting like security cameras can be eliminated by shooting them out, a pellet gun works just fine ....
Pets -
Animals require both food and water. In the event of a shortage of both this will be a problem. Also dogs are noisy and lead people straight to you. Cats will come home and someone will see them. In normal times a guard dog may be a good idea but when wanting to keep a low profile not so much. The dog can easily be eliminated by just shooting it or poisoning the animal ....
If you elect to stay around, you may still be forced to go out, if so when on the road always be prepared ....
Defending the Home Front -
Even if you take all types of precautions and are well armed a home is not a fortress. There are five methods of easy entry ....
1) Assault in multiple directions including using a Battering Ram ....
Manual handheld Battering Ram -
Vehicle Battering Ram -
2) Molotov Cocktails could be tossed at your home -
These are very easy to make ....
3) A Flamethrower could be used -
These can be purchased online for around $875.00 excluding the fuel components which are readily available. Both you and your home would be incinerated. These also present a problem for remote bunker areas which was proven in World War II.
Note: These are not controlled by the ATF and anyone can purchase one ....
4) Using Smoke Grenades. These can be purchased online and are commonly used in Paintball Games, or you can make your own -
5) All out assault. Armed invasion by superior manpower or firepower or both -
One of those armed invasion may come from your own government under Martial Law when all firearms and weapons will be confiscated ...
The reason foreign troops under the demise of the UN (United Nations) may be used in a crisis the U.S. Government knows it's military won't fire on their own civilians ....

What do I Think of Prepping and Do I have a Plan?
Depending on the situation, I will do one of three things which I have thoroughly planned out:
1) Stay in my home and ride the crisis out depending on whether it gets worse or
stabilizes -
2) If the situation is critical but not severe enough to evacuate the area I pan to go to a warehouse a short distance away. Commercial warehouses are constructed of concrete and steel and have steel doors for entrances and exits. They also usually have a clear killing path permitter if needed -
3) If the situation arises I plan to evacuate but not by vehicle. I will use my horses and a pack mule -
Horses can go where most vehicles cannot. They also do not require fuel such as gasoline or diesel. They do require feed and water which can be provided through nature. A horse combined with a pack mule can carry a lot equipment ....
A variety of Scabbards for Rifles and Shotguns are available for both Horses and Mules ....
The Western Style Cowboy Saddle would be the preferred choice ....
Also useful are Saddle Bags ....
If necessary a Shoulder style Rifle Scabbard is available ....
Also the Cowboy Style Holster is quite useful ....
Pack Mules are still used by the military today in Afghanistan and other areas where vehicles are impractical ....
USMC with Horse and Pack Mule in Afghanistan ....
Some other items you will need before heading into open country on a horse are -
1) Chaps, these protect your legs from brush and trees while riding ....
2) A Soft Leather Cowboy Hat, protects your head from the sun and weather ....
3) Heavy Denim Cowboy Jeans ....
4) A Cowboy Dust Cover, protects your body from bad weather ....
5) Military Combat or Heavy Hiking Boots are preferred ....
Remember to start your Cowboys young ....
Blog Administrator -
There are mounds of books, articles, blogs, websites, and videos on Prepping, Preppers, and Survival Skills for all kinds of emergencies from Economic Collapse, a Foreign Invasion, the Zombie Apocalypse, a Civil War, America's Next Revolution, an Alien Invasion, a Climatic Disaster, to World War 3.
These include a total collapse of the dollar; riots and anarchy; chemical, biological, or nuclear warfare; martial law; a pandemic disease outbreak; an asteroid or comet striking the earth; and other so-called end of what most people refer to as society including the total disruption of any and all public services, plus food and fuel shortages.

Whether you choose to Bug Out or Stay, expect a total collapse in all Emergency Public Services -
This means the Police, Fire, or Ambulance response will be greatly delayed or won't come at all ....
Add to the fact, if there is a Pandemic (serious disease outbreak) that spreads rapidly, or there is a major catastrophe such as an earthquake, another Katrina Hurricane, or worse, the Hospitals will be inundated with the sick and injured and medical personnel will be overwhelmed ...
Another aspect that will be affected is local Pharmacies.
Getting simple prescription drugs will be impossible and even hazardous to travel outside your confined area due to rioters and looters. The pharmacy will probably be closed and the drugs moved to a secure location, and even used at the hospital for the emergency ....

You can also expect a total suspension in most Public Utilities -
The things you normally take for granted and pay for will not be available or if it is will be subject to long and intermittent delays, even rationing.
This will include: Water, Sewer, Electric, Natural Gas or Propane, Internet, Phone (Cell and Land Lines), and Trash Pickup ....

Whether you elect to Stay home or Evacuate, you should have a couple of items -
1) Nigh Vision Capabilities ...
Keep in mind the principal behind Night Vision is to take existing light and amplify it. A simple Road Flare flashed in front of night vision goggles will blind the user. Also night vision restricts movement and it is easy to approach someone from behind ....

2) Another item everyone will need is a signaling device. Shortwave (Ham Radio) or Walkie Talkie handheld devices are a must even inside the home ....

Unfortunately, a few will exploit the needs of the many -

In the event you decide to take to the road consider that once someone has passed there objective point, and a good place to stop others from going the same way, they could create a Rock Slide to block the highway -

A Rock Slide can also be used to bury someone in a Bunker or Cave -
If you are lucky enough to get to your destination always consider natural elements such as Forest Fires and Flooding especially if you are in a remote area -

If you do elect to use an Underground Bunker, it should have a minimum of two exits, preferably three. Also at least two fresh air intake vents -

If you elect to stay in the area but not at your home, some people will try and use a Cemetery Mausoleum as a hide out and secure place -
Others may try an Underground Subway or Train Tunnel -
Some may take shelter in the Underground Sewer Systems -
This is bad idea for two reasons:
1) It will flood
2) It has methane gas which is both deadly if inhaled, and explosive.
Pople will try and go to Old Public Fallout Shelters -

==> Important: Anything you can think of others will also be thinking the same thing. Think out of the box and avoid common public areas that many will hoard to.

What event will really take place no one can predict ...

In the event everything goes to total chaos and you are on your own -
A Preppers Moto should be ...

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