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Firearm Forum Question: Review and Testing of the Henry Big Boy Mare's Leg Lever Action Pistol

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This is my personal 'Review' of the Henry Repeating Arms Mare's Leg 45 LC (Long Colt) Lever Action Pistol.
This is essentially a cut down Big Boy Henry Lever Action Rifle.
This was made famous in the TV Show called 'Wanted Dead or Alive'
staring Steve McQueen:

Here are some photos of my Henry 45LC Mare's Leg with Holster:

Henry Mare's Leg Specifications ....

The Henry Mare's Leg .... 

Here I am wearing my Black Cowboy Dustcover with my Henry Mare's Leg
strapped to my side, the Cowboy Dustcover hides the Mares Leg ....

Here I am wearing my Henry Mare's Leg strapped to my side in plain view ....

My Cowboy Scabbard I use when riding my horse carrying the Henry Mare's Leg 45LC Lever Action.
Note: This Scabbard can be used as an attachment to your saddle while riding a horse or on your motorcycle ....

Answer / Review:
Blog Administrator -
I purchased a Henry Mare's Leg 45 Long Colt Lever Action with Authentic Mare's Leg Holster sometime back.
Essentially It's more of a collector's piece.
I just took it to the gun range and fired my 45LC Mare's Leg for the first time, see target below.
It holds five 45 long colt rounds in the tube plus one in the chamber.

Note: Since this is cut down version of a lever action rifle it is sold as a handgun (pistol).

Henry offers this in 45 Long Colt; 44 Magnum; 357 Magnum; and 22 Caliber.
This is 100 percent American Made.

Comments about the Henry Mare's Leg:
Favorable -
1/ The firearm handles well and is accurate, no issues.
2/ Cowboy Shooters will love this firearm so will Steve mcQueen buffs.

The Downsides to the the Henry Mare's Leg are -
1) Using Brass is a bad idea, it scratches easily and is hard to maintain. Blued or Stainless Steel would be better choices.
2) It is too heavy.
3) The Henry Holster is poorly designed. I had to have a leather shop rework it before I could even use it. There are better after market holsters available now that were not available when I bought my Henry.
4) It has the same draw back that all Lever Action Rifles have, hard to clean and maintain. See Youtube Video below on Disassembly and Reassembly of The Henry Mare's Leg 45LC Handgun.
5) The Henry Mare's Leg has no half cock safety position on the hammer.

=> My Test and Review Rates this Firearm as a - BUY for Cowboy Shooters and Collectors but NOT for novice or target shooters.
=> I Rate the Henry Mare's Leg Holster as a - NO BUY. Get an after market.

The Target below shows me Test Firing my Henry 45LC Lever Action Mare's Leg Pistol at the Indoor Gun Range using Ultramax 45 Long Colt Cowboy 250 Grain, Round Nose, Flat Point Ammo.
This was my First Test Firing with 6-rounds (Five in the Tube, One in Chamber).
Fired from the hip at 30-Feet using a Target Size of 24h x 17w Inches....

The Target below shows me Test Firing my Henry 45LC Lever Action Mare's Leg Pistol at the Outdoor Gun Range using Ultramax 45 Long Colt Cowboy 250 Grain, Round Nose, Flat Point Ammo.
This was my second Test Firing with 10-rounds (Five only in the Tube, reloading once).
Fired aiming the Mare's Leg at 75-Feet (25 yards) using a Target Size of 33h x 22w Inches....

Ultramax 45 Long Colt Cowboy 250 Grain, Round Nose, Flat Point Ammo ....

Hera re some Youtube Videos of the Henry Mare's Leg 45 Long Colt Pistol:
Youtube Video: Test Firing the Henry Mare's Leg 45 (LC) Long Colt Lever Action Pistol ....

Youtube Video: The Henry Mare's Leg ....

Youtube Video: Disassembly and Reassembly of 
The Henry Mare's Leg 45LC Handgun ....

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  2. A friend has one, shot his, quite a lot of fun.

  3. I love watching the old reruns of Wanted Dead or Alive with Steve McQueen.

  4. I bought a wasr 10/63 brand new last year took it out and bent the firing pin inside the bolt. I can not seem to find a replacement rotating bolt to save my life. Every part I've been sent is oversized despite the fact that I tell them what kind of AK variant I have. Please help. I knew I should of just bought the real thing instead of going cheap and getting a variant "/

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding -
      1) Your best bet is to contact the Manufacturer, even if they are overseas. Often times model numbers are similar but not the same, so include the Serial Number (S/N) when contacting them.
      2) You can search Numrich Gun Parts, the LINK is on this site to see if they have a part.
      3) Place an ad on the Phoenix AZ Backpage - WTB WASR AK47 Firing Pin.
      4) Check eBay I have found a lot of gun parts there.
      5) As a last resort get a gunsmith to make you one. You may have to remove the bolt and send it off to a gunsmith if there is not one in your immediate area.

  5. That has to be so much fun to shoot.

  6. Cowboys are drooling over this I am sure.

  7. Replies
    1. If they buy one of these they might as well marry it.

  8. You never never talk about the horse.

  9. Another, owning this is of no interest to me.
    But still I enjoyed the read.

  10. I fired one of these about a year ago, amazingly accurate.

  11. Bet it gives a real cowboy a nut sack.

  12. Crazy Cowboys still playing old west 1880s.

  13. May all cowboys sit tall in their horse and ride off safely into the sunset


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