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Firearm Forum Question: Review and Testing of the CAI 7.62x39mm AK47 Centurion Model 39 Assault Rifle

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This is my personal 'Review' of CAI (Century Arms) Model 39, 7.62x39mm AK-47 Assault Rifle.
Here are some photos of my CAI AK-47 Model 39 ....

Specifications ....

Answer / Review:
Blog Administrator -
I purchased one of these late last year. Unlike most AK-47s these CAI Rifles are 100 percent made in the USA. They are Mil Spec.
The Model 39 I selected has a black synthetic stock with a forward picatinny rail and front and rear iron sights.
The AK came with one Black Tapco Polymer and six Black Steel Korean 30-round magazines. The total cost of my AK was $650.00 including tax and shipping and handling from J&G Gun Sales in Prescott Arizona.

I upgraded my AK as follows:
1) I replaced the standard dust cover with an original Russian Dust Cover and Rear Rail Mount, and added a 3 x 9 Scope, see pictures above.
2) I added a Black Forward Grip with Bi-Pod. 
3) I have since purchased two Black 75-round Romanian Steel Drum Magazines, and two Black 40-round Polymer ProMag Banana clip style magazines.
4) I purchased one Black Fieldline Tactical Assault Rifle Case from Wal-Mart.

This AK-47 Rifle has two downsides.
1) Because it is 100 percent Mil Spec the bottom plate under the pistol grip has been modified and reinforced therefore a Bum Fire (Slide Fire) Stock will not work on this particular model.
2) The front mounted Picatinny Rails are short so using any heavy optics or scope is out of the question. I tried several optics but they all make the rifle front heavy. A lightweight Green Laser mounted on the underside of the picatinny rail would work fine.

My primary compliant about the CAI AK-47 Model 39 is the Rear Sight Adjustment uses an alan wrench, which was not furnished with the weapon and it is an odd size. I also had to soak the alan screw for about 3 days in WD-40 before it would loosen and turn, the main reason I changed out the dust cover and added a rear scope. Almost everyone who buys this rifle has this complaint and notices that out of the box it shoots off center and needs to be adjusted. I would recommend to CAI changing to a larger Alan Screw and including the alan wrench with the purchase, a small cost factor for a great firearm.

Below is my Target sighting at the Indoor Gun Range of the CAI Model 39 AK-47 with Iron Sights at 35 Feet:
Right at of the box the CAI AK fired way to the top left as shown, with adjustment it shot to the upper and center right. It took only 15 shots to get center.

Below is my Target sighting at the Outdoor Gun Range at 50-Yards (150 feet) with the CAI Model 39 AK-47 with a 3 x 9 Scope mounted on a Russian Dust Cover and Picatinny Rail:
Scope was off slightly shooting up and to the right as shown in upper target.
Two adjustments and it was hitting dead center as shown on the lower target,

In Testing the CAI Model 39, AK-47 Assault Rifle I have tried all kinds of ammo and the weapon shoots flawlessly without jamming or issues of any kind. So far I have about 650 rounds through this weapon.

Types of 7.62x39mm Ammo Tested so far: TulAmmo; Wolf Hollow Points, Wolf FMJ; Wolf Jacketed Soft Points; Yugo Brass Cased; Arsenal; Remington UMC; Winchester Super-X SP Hunting Ammo; and Red Army from Ukraine, FMJ and HP (highly recommend the Red Army FMJ, my favorite). 

I Rate this American Made CAI Manufactured AK-47 as a ... BUY

Here are some additional AK-47, CAI Model 39 Photos ....

An Original AK-47 ....

7.62x39mm Ammo Specs ....

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