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Firearm Forum Question: Review and Testing of the Beretta Model-S, 22 Caliber Handgun

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This is my personal 'Review' of Beretta Model-S, 22 Caliber Semi Auto Handgun.

I recently contacted Beretta about this handgun and was told they have no information, no specs, and no record for the serial numbers. The reason stated was this was made by Beretta in Italy before Beretta USA was established. The only thing Beretta could tell me was this Model-S was manufactured prior around 1973.

This was the preferred weapon for assignations by the Israeli MOSAD, The National Intelligence Agency of Israel (the equivalent of the CIA).

I had the barrel on my Model-S modified by Izor Armory to accept a suppressor. To do this the front sight had to be removed.
Here are photos of my handgun ...
The handgun came new with two magazines.

Shoulder Holster for my Beretta Model-S, 22 Caliber Handgun ....

Beretta Model-S Specifications .....

Answer / Review:
Blog Administrator -
Test Firing and Review of my Beretta Model-S, 22 Caliber Handgun after the Izor Armory Threaded Barrel modification.

Shooting was at 20, 25, 30, and 35 feet at an Indoor Gun Range using American Eagle Ammo, 22LR, High Velocity, 40 Grain, Solid - See Target Below ....
As you can see the handgun now set up for use with a suppressor and without a front sight to aim the handgun was accurate at 20-feet.

Some more photos of the Beretta Model-S, 22 Caliber Handgun ....

Beretta Model-S with Suppressor .... 

This handgun has been featured in many Movies, TV, Video, and Anime .....
Here is a list of Movies that the Beretta Model-S has appeared in:

Here is a list of TV Shows, Video, and Anime that the Beretta Model-S has appeared in:

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  1. The MOSAD likes it for assassinations that is good enough for me.

  2. One just has to wonder how many people have the MOSAD killed using one of these.

  3. I have had one for over a year, well written this post is.
    My wife loves this handgun.

  4. MOSAD say .... bang bang you a dead Muslim.

  5. MOSAD, Israeli equivalent more to the KGB than the CIA.

  6. again, owning this is of no interest to me.
    But still I enjoyed the read.

  7. Thoroughly familiar with this firearm and its important attributes as related to the elimination of certain individuals.

  8. Probably one of the best in its day but there are better selections now.


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