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Firearm Forum Question: Testing and Review of the Kahr CW40 Handgun

Ask A Firearms Question:
I am having feeding issues with my CW40 S&W as others are. How big of an issue is this?
Thank you @baldeguy56 (Twitter).
Firearms Guy Note: The CW40 S&W is manufactured by Kahr Firearms, USA.

The Kahr CW40 S&W, 40 Caliber Semi Auto Handgun:
The following was Tested and Reviewed .....
New Kahr Magazine ....

40 Caliber Hollow Point Ammo Tested ....
40 Caliber FMJ Ammo Tested ....

Kahr CW40 S&W, 40 Caliber Semi Auto Handgun Specifications:

Kahr CW40 S&W, 40 Caliber Semi Auto Handgun Diagrams:

Answer :
Blog Administrator -
Yes, the Kahr CW40 has feed issues.
This is caused by either the Slide Stop Spring or Mag Follower. This is posted on the Kahr Website under FAQs, see below for Link.
The Kahr CW40 handgun shown above was tested after the upgrades.
Kahr will send you the replacement parts free of charge with instructions for installation.
The upgrades were installed by a licensed gunsmith here in Arizona.
The weapon was thoroughly cleaned and lubricated prior to testing.

Kahr Firearms Website Link:

Kahr Firearms FAQs Website Link -

From Kahr's FAQ Website:
Mouse over, Click on image to enlarge ...

The following is the TEST Results and Review of the Kahr Model CW40 S&W Handgun:

Test Criteria -
1) The Kahr CW40 was Tested using the original magazine, and a new Kahr magazine.
2) Federal, Remington, and Winchester Hollow Point ammo was used for the test.
3) American Eagle and Blazer FMJ ammo were also used for the test.
4) The magazines were checked for spring tension and burrs.
5) The handgun was cleaned and lubricated prior to testing.
6) The Test was performed on a handgun after the upgrades.
7) Finally the Kahr 40 Caliber handgun was compared to a Glock 45acp handgun for accuracy and grouping pattern.

Test Results Firing the Kahr Model CW40 S&W Handgun -
1) The Test was conducted in a controlled environment at an Indoor Gun Range.
2) All the Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo fired worked on both magazines without feed (jamming) issues.
3) When testing the Hollow Point Ammo, Winchester jammed on the last 2-rounds with the old original magazine.
4) Accuracy Test was conducted at 25 Feet and 35 Feet respectively with all the ammo variants using 8-rounds per magazine. Three different individuals test fired the weapon with approximately the same results. The grouping at 35-feet was unacceptable.
5) A total of 240 out of 250 rounds of 40 Caliber Ammo from various manufacturers were test fired from five separate boxes of ammo containing 50-round boxes.
6) The last 10-rounds were rapid fired at 15-feet by one shooter using the new magazine.

Comparison Test: Kahr CW40 (40 Caliber) versus the Glock Gen 3, Model 30, 45acp.
24 rounds of Federal FMJ 45acp were fired in the Glock 30 at 35-feet by three different shooters using 8-rounds each. The Glock out performed the Kahr for grouping accuracy.

Commentary -
The suggested retail price is $449.00 for the Kahr CW40 S&W 40 Caliber Handgun. Kahr has failed to Recall this defective Weapon, or at minimum issue a Product Warning Notice. For a competitive price the shooter can purchase a Glock, which after testing of this Kahr model proves to be superior. Gun Owners deserve better from Firearms Manufacturers that put profit above safety. This is the second issue with Kahr Handguns posted as topics at the Firearms Forum Site this month.
==> My recommendation on the Kahr CW40 S&W Handgun is -

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  1. Glock is a Real Farfegnugen (pleasure to own).

    Kahr is a turd in a toilet that needs to be permanently flushed forever.

  2. Okay, so why isn't the BATF/ATF investigating Kahr?

  3. Un F**king Believable.

  4. Moral of this story BUY a Glock.

  5. My neighbor had one of these.
    Total piece of useless junk even after upgrades and repairs.
    Paid $419.00 new plus tax.
    He told me that Kahr tech support and customer service are horrible to deal with.
    I recommended he sell it.
    He did got $250.00 and used that money to help buy a Glock 17. He has been happy ever since.

  6. No self respecting wise guy would be caught dead using one of these.

  7. If Kahr is reading this I hope it gives them an ulcer.
    Don't want a bad review try putting out a decent product.
    And, I bet everyone who bought one of these piece of junk are wishing that hadn't.

    1. Oh my brother is so accurate in his assessment of Kahr.

  8. I wouldn't have any KAHR Firearm if it was given to me as a gift.

  9. The sooner this company goes out of business the better.

  10. It boggles the mind how our own government is investigating this company for endangering the public.

  11. I find the attitude of gun manufacturers appalling.

    1. They have become corporate greedy useless bastards at the expense of the American hunter and sportsman / gun owner.

  12. Garbage in is always and shall be garbage out.
    These flux nut clowns couldn't make a handgun if there life depended on it but they sure want your life to depend on it.


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