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The Firearms Forum Site Mission Statement

We are an independent TESTING Organization. The Firearms Forum Site does NOT sell, distribute, trade, or buy any firearms or accessories.
Created by: The Firearms Guy a.k.a. Colonel Jack.

The Firearms Forum Site continues to bring Gun Owners totally independent topics, news, reviews and testing of firearms and accessories ....

Anyone can submit a Firearms or related question, and have it posted as a Topic on The Firearms Forum. Just email us the question ....

Before your next purchase, ask if your Firearms or Accessory has been tested and reviewed by The Firearms Guy yet.

Attention Firearm and Ammunition Manufacturers
Now testing products and issuing reviews on the Firearms Forum site. If you want your Product TESTED, Reviewed, and Posted to the Firearms Forum Site, please contact us.

The Firearms Forum Site Team

The Firearms Guy:
Position - Site/Blog Creator
25 Years Military Wounded Combat Veteran; NRA, SASS, GOA Member; Amateur Gunsmith; Strong Supporter of the 2nd Amendment; Hunter, Shooter; Firearms Collector; Cowboy Shooter; Outdoorsman; Horse Owner; Motorcycle Rider; Chef; BBQ and Bacon Lover; Veterans Rights Advocate; Healthy Living Style and Daily Gym Workout Routines.
Experienced Hunter including Three (3) Safaris in Africa.
Been Hunting since the age of 13.
Cowboy Fast Draw since the age of 15.
Experienced Tracker.
Long Distance Shooter.
Reload my own ammo.
Expert Tracker - Mountains, Jungle, Desert.
North American Hunter all terrains and climate.

The Blog Administrator:
Position - Assists in Testing Firearms and Products, Helps with Comment Replies
Engineer, Scientist; Explosives and Weapons Expert; Combat Veteran; Hunter; ATV Off Roading; NRA, SASS, GOA Member; Strong Supporter of the 2nd Amendment.
Retired Cowboy Shooter.
Experienced Hunter in Africa and North America.
Hunting Trophies include: Rhino, Crocodile, Giraff, Male Lion, Hippo, African Antelope, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Long Horn Sheep (Mountain Goats), Elk, Moose, Rattlesnakes, Alligators, Rabbit, Squirrel, Possum, Crow, Ducks, Geese, Woodchuck, Coyote, Javelina, Raccoon.

Our Cowboy Gunsmith:
Position - Technical Contributor
60 Years of Gun Ownership; 40 Years of Gunsmith Work; Lifetime Member of SASS and NRA.
Expert on Ruger Single Six Action Revolvers.
Colt and Uberti Cowboy Gun Repairs and Upgrades.
Cowboy Firearms Expert - Winchester, Henry, and Marlin Lever Action Rifles.
Remington Bolt Action Rifles and Upgrades.
Modifying Fast Draw Holsters.
Custom Leather Work.
Expert on Desert Survival.
Experienced Hunter, Fisherman, Tracker, Gun Maker, Horse Owner.

Our Military Gunsmith:
Position - Technical Contributor
Veteran; Machinist; Long Distance Shooter; Licensed FFL.
Custom Builds Hunting and Long Distance Sniper Rifles.
Expert on Suppressors (silencers).

Our Modern Day Warfare Advisor:
Position - Technical Contributor
Veteran USMC Sniper (Iraq and Afghanistan); Long Distance Competition Shooter; NRA Life Member; Hunter; Firearms Trainer, Prepper.
Outfits after market upgrades to AR and AK Platforms in 5.56x45mm (AR 223/556 Assault Rifles); 7.62x51mm (308 NATO) Assault and Sniper Rifles; 7.62x39mm (Soviet M4, AK-47, SKS); 7.62x35mm (300 AAC Blackout M4 Platform); 7.62x67 (300 Winchester Magnum Sniper Rifles); and 8.6x70mm (338 Lapua Magnum Sniper Rifle). 

What Makes Us Different
1) As stated, we do NOT sell, trade, or buy any firearms, ammo, or firearm products and accessories.
2) You will find information here on older as well as new firearms and accessories including aftermarket products and upgrades.
3) Photos, Instructions, Diagrams, and Recommendations are generally part of the Topic Posts.
4) Survival and Prepper information is among the many topics included.
5) Firearms and Products will be rated as:
    a) Buy
    b) No Buy
    c) Collectible, Antique

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Important Notice:
Be advised NO Legal Advice on Firearms is given.
We are NOT Lawyers, consult your local law enforcement, the ATF, or an attorney.

Note - All information contained herein is current at the time of the Topic Posting.
This Firerarms Forum Site is open to the Public, no membership required, no email mailing list.
Please visit often.

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