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Firearm Forum Question: Glock Issued Gen Model History

Ask A Firearms Question:
Can you detail the Glock Gen Model History, specifically when the Gen 2 and Gen 3 Started?
Thank you My-Left-Leg.

Answer :
Blog Administrator -
Glock has a unique history.
See below for details:
The firearm, mainly handguns are manufactured in Austria.
Glock wanted to stay consistent in its handgun production so improvements and upgrades were called 'Generations' - Gen.
There have been 4 Generations of Glock so far.
Gen 1; Gen 2; Gen 3; and the latest Gen 4.
Gen 3's were extremely popular worldwide and are used by various law enforcement and military.
Gen 1 Glocks are just now becoming somewhat of a collectors item.

I personally own a Gen 3, Model 30 (45 acp compact).

Glock Approximate Timeline Dates:
Gen 1 - 1982 Introduction
Gen 1 - 1984, Introduction to the USA Market
Gen 2 - 1988 Introduction
Gen 2 - 1991, Upgraded to meet ATF Standards
Gen 3 - 1998 Introduction
Gen 3 - Upgrades and New Models continued through 2008
Gen 4 - 2010 Introduction

Glock Generation Models: 1, 2, 3, 4 can be mostly distinguished by there Factory issued Pistol Grips.

Glock has issued a Timeline History.
Here is the LINK to there Website:

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