Saturday, June 20, 2015

Public Announcement from The Firearms Guy (Ask A Firearms Question)

This is a Public Announcement from The Firearms Guy (Ask A Firearms Question)

This Site, The Firearms Forum, will be making immediate changes as follows:

* ALL Applicable Topic Post will be RATED as ....

1) This Product / Firearm is ... a BUY

2) This Product / Firearm is ... a NO BUY

3) This Product / Firearm is ... Primarily a Collectible or Antique

** Also look for notes that may accompany the Rating.

Previous Posted Topics will be retrofitted with one of the above Ratings as time permits.

Please ADD Your Comment to this Blog.

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Attention Firearm and Ammunition (ammo) Manufacturers, and Makers of Firearm Accessories. I am now Testing Products and issuing reviews on the Firearms Forum (Ask A Firearms Question) site.
If you want your Product TESTED, Reviewed, and Posted here, please contact me.


  1. excellent, this is what i need.
    your input is valuable your site is right on
    looking forward to any ratings up or dwon you have

    female tigress

  2. Hi there,
    I am Ricky Rickets.
    Love your sight.

    Have a question for you:
    What can you tell me about Old Bridge Guns

  3. You got to be kidding.
    Wm Tact has taken the AR aftermarket useless items to a new level.
    I am Marine (USMC) served in Vietnam.
    All we ever had was Iron Sights.
    I hunted with iron sights for 45 years.

    1. Sorry should have posted this under TUOR Iron Sights but I stand by my post.

  4. Chow Li Sends Request,
    Can I see something on the Chinese AK47 or SKS Rifle


  5. Major Mohd komen di laman anda.
    Maklumat yang baik, kebanyakan perkara difikirkan dengan baik, melihat ke depan untuk lebih.
    --- Malay ---
    Major Mohd comments on your site.
    Good information, most things well thought out, looking forward to more.
    Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

  6. Very fine firearms site.
    Wish you would follow German on your Twitter Page
    Sehr feine Schusswaffen Website.
    Wünschte, du würdest Deutsch auf Ihrem Twitter-Seite folgen

  7. Looking forward to this approach.

  8. I am fully endorsing this approach.

  9. I like the idea of this including retrofitting all previous Topic Posts at the Firearms Forum Site.


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