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Firearm Forum Question: Review of the AR Platform TUOR Iron Sights from WM Tactical

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As you can see WM Tactical contacted me on my Twitter Page through the Notifications section. Here is the post and reply:
Later the company, WM Tactical, renege on its promise to have their Iron Sights Tested by The Firearms Forum ....
I replied back as follows ....

Updated - Received email from WM Tactical, June 23, 2015, requesting email sender's name be removed for privacy reasons. In interest of fairness we are complying with that request.

Answer :
Blog Administrator -
So in lieu of having the sights, I am still offering a Review of the TUOR Iron Sights by WM Tactical.

There are several manufacturers that make after market AR Platform Iron Sights.
1) Magpul - MBUS Pro Front and Rear Sights
2) Diamondhead Polymer Diamond Integrated Sighting System
3) PRI Flip up Front and Rear Sights
4) WM Tactical Tuor Iron Sights

Review of WM Tactical TUOR Iron Sights
Positioning the TUOR WM Tactical Iron Sights ....

Youtube Video: Demonstration of the TUOR, WM Tactical Adjustable Iron Sights
for the AR Platform ....

Commentary -
The suggested retail price is $299.00 for the WM Tactical TUOR Iron Sights. This product does NOT warrant spending that sum of money for adjustable iron sights. The price is highly inflated for what the shooter could obtain as a satisfactory investment upgrade.
==> My recommendation on the WM Tactical TUOR Sights is -

 //// - \\\\
Competitor Cost Comparison:
1) Magpul - MBUS Pro Front and Rear Sights,
    Amazon has these for $140.00
2) Diamondhead Polymer Diamond Integrated Sighting  
    System, Amazon has these for $95.00
3) PRI Flip up Front and Rear Sights,
    Amazon has these for $115.00
4) I contacted one of my gunsmiths which does custom machine work for firearms. I can virtually duplicate the WM Tactical Tuor Iron Sights and have them mounted for $85.00. 
//// - \\\\

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  1. Booker T here
    Just damn insane what people change for some of these after market products that are neither necessary or practical for the average shooter.

  2. Good grief, some ppl will buy anything.

  3. I would have liked to seen your personal review of this item but since Wm Tactical failed to keep its promise to send the TUOR for testing, I can see why a review based on cost and maybe practicality was made.

  4. Russ Goldman visiting from Facebook.
    Hate this Google sign-in.
    I have a Yahoo. account.

    Anyway, I think WM Tactical is damn arrogant and expensive.
    People who spend this kind of money have more $$ than commonsense. Hopefully the idiots in the Pentagon have not bought into to this sales pitch.

  5. Unbelievable, does your gunsmith do work outside of Arizona?

    Ray Caldron, Utah

  6. Moos Sho Pork says,
    Man who spend money on silliness still cannot kill enemy any better.


  7. I agree, what a range of cost for virtually the same item.
    Hell just buy a good day.night scope or some laser optics.

  8. Great review.
    Who the hell would spend $300.00 on a set of Iron Sights?

  9. shang poo may say this
    good net site
    happy you make translation


  10. I agree people will just buy any damn thing.

  11. People just seem to be caught up in this after market nonsense.

    1. Oh man are you on the coin head today.

    2. I see people spending money on all kinds of things like they imagine some magic wand is going to make them shoot better.

  12. Here is another company I bet is wishing they had played nicer.

  13. And just think we helped the White Man achieve so much,

  14. Maybe people with low self esteem may spend their money on this type of useless ass product but commonsense says otherwise.

    1. My experience with people has led me to believe the American debt and economy in general is driven by too damn many impulse buyers.

  15. I know someone who purchase this and said he would not recommend it.

  16. May I now offer for sale my old rusty water bucket for target practice.


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