Friday, June 19, 2015

Firearm Forum Question: Kimber Solo Model Handgun Recall Notice

Ask A Firearms Question:
It is my understanding Kimber has issued a Recall Notice on all their Solo Model 9mm Handguns, is this correct?
Thank you The Pigeon Hater.

Kimber Solo 9mm Model Handgun (photos from Kimber's website):
Note - Click on image to enlarge photos ....

Answer :
Blog Administrator -
Yes Kimber has issued a massive Recall Notice for their Solo 9mm Handguns.
The Recall Notice is caused by a Defect on the Thumb Safety that could allow the firearm to be discharged if the trigger is pulled while in the safety mode setting.
Kimber is an American (USA) made product.

See below for complete details .....
Use the Appropriate Link Below

Kimber's Website Link -

Kimber's Recall Notice for the Solo Link -

Kimber's Complete List of Solo Model Thumb Safety Recall by Serial Number -

If your firearm serial number is listed contact Kimber immediately.
Do NOT operate or use your handgun.
Kimber will repair the handgun free of charge.
If you are in the List of Serial Numbers affected, call Kimber at once for instructions at -
888 243 4522 M-F East Coast Time, USA
 - or -

The suggested retail price ranges from $815.00 t0 $1,250.00 for this handgun. At those prices better care and a superior product should be guaranteed to their customers.
==> My recommendation on the Kimber Solo Model 9mm is -

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  1. Many thanks for posting my request about the Kimber Solo 9mm Handgun Recall.

    The Pigeon Hater

  2. More money spent on inequality by way of product.

  3. Never been a fan of Kimber and now I know why.

  4. Another way over priced gun manufacturer.

    1. Money will often get you status but not commonsense or dignity.

  5. Replies
    1. Capitalism at its best, charge a lot for low quality merchandise, market it correctly, package it appropriately and walla dollars generated.

    2. Picking up poop with a stick makes more sense than owning one of these

  6. This is an excellent example of the Pet Rock.
    Market well, charge a lot and get something that in the end one wonders ....
    WTF did I buy that for?

  7. Like buying a VW that has a Cadillac Emblem on the hood.


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