Monday, July 6, 2015

Firearm Forum Question: Kimber 84M Bolt Action Rifle Recall Notice

Ask A Firearms Question:
Whats up with the Kimber Model 84M Bolt Action Rifle?
Thank you Ruddi James.

The Kimber Line of Model 84M Bolt Action Hunting and Target Rifles:
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Answer :
Blog Administrator -
The Kimber 84M Bolt Action Rifle is under massive RECALL for a safety issue with the Bolt that could cause the rifle to discharge while in the safe mode.
Kimber refers to this as a malfunction, we consider this a serious safety issue and a bad design with poor quality management.
This is NOT Kimber's first Recall. They also had a Recall on their Solo Model Handgun, see Link below.

Use the Appropriate Link Below

Kimber's Website Link -

Kimber's Recall Notice for the 84M Rifle, Bolt Function Safety Recall Link -

Kimber's Complete List of 84M Rifle Serial Numbers -

If your firearm serial number is listed contact Kimber immediately.
Do NOT operate or use your Kimber 84M Bolt Action Rifle.
Kimber will repair the 84M Rifle free of charge.
If you are in the List of Serial Numbers affected, call Kimber at once for instructions at -
888 243 4522 M-F East Coast Time, USA
 - or -

The suggested retail price ranges from $1,223.00 to $2,240.00 for this Rifle. At those prices better care and a superior product should be guaranteed to their customers. Add to the fact two Hunting Calibers are missing in choice for the buyer: The 30-06 and the 300 Win Mag.
==> My recommendation on the Kimber Model 84M Bolt Action Rifle is -

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  1. Rcvd ur email about this post that I requested, great job, thanks for the info and honesty.
    I will never own another damn Kimber product.

    best always-
    Ruddi James

  2. I agree who builds Hunting Rifles and doesn't include the 30-06 and 300 Winchester Magnum?
    Kimber is made up of morons.
    They are clueless twits about the real needs of hunter.

    1. Insane is what it is.

  3. I am glad I sold mine. Let someone else deal with these issues. I bought it used. It was not up to the quality of my Remington.



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