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Firearm Forum Question: What is a Fluted Cylinder

Ask A Firearms Question:
What is a Flutted Cylinder and what is its purpose?
Thank you Luck 8.

Ruger Cowboy Six Gun with Smooth Cylinder .....

Ruger Cowboy Six Gun with Fluted Cylinder .....

Answer :
Blog Administrator -
Fluted versus full smooth cylinder is a design whereby some of the material (metal) of the cylinder is cut out of the surface to reduce the weight. These cut outs are groves in the cylinder and do not affect the performance of the revolver.
In some cases barrels are fluted, especially sniper style rifles.
Both style cylinders can be found on Single Action and Double Action Revolvers made by Ruger, Colt, and Smith-Wesson.
Many cowboy shooters with single action revolvers prefer fluted cylinders because it aids in indexing the cylinder (lining up the cylinder with your fingers with the chambers).
Originally all cylinders were made smooth.
Larger caliber handguns such as the 44 magnum more weight is preferred to reduce the recoil.
Smaller handgun calibers like the .22, 38, and 357 make the gun lighter and easier to use for most people.
I own a Ruger Birds Head Cowboy Revolver and have interchangeable cylinders that include 45 Long Colt, 45 ACP, and 41 Magnum all of which are fluted, and a 44 Magnum that is not fluted (smooth).
A lot of people think the Fluted Cylinder is more aesthetic looking.
See pictures above.

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Commentary -
There are no issues on owning either a Fluted or Smooth Cylinder. It is a personal preference. I would recommend a smooth cylinder on larger calibers such as the 44 Magnum, 30 Caliber, 454 Casull. etc.
==> My recommendation on Cylinders is -
a BUY by Personal Choice.

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  1. Interesting stuff.
    I am a semi auto SIG guy myself but have considered getting a Taurus Judge handgun, any thoughts on one of these?

  2. I am in receipt of you email
    Thank you for posting my requested topic question.
    Luck 8

  3. damn fine write up

  4. i sure like this post

  5. Okay, got it.

    just me,
    Bad Bad Sammy Spade

  6. Not into any type of revolver.
    I strictly have and use a 1911 style 45 acp.
    But I really enjoy this forum site for firearms.
    Lots of detail, no BS, juts to the point, and need to know information.

  7. Came across your Pinterest Page, very interesting, I liked a few items.
    It took me here.
    I love this Firearms Site.
    Will be back often.

  8. I have a Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 Magnum.
    I use it when I go hunting.
    It serves well to finish off any game that did not die immediately with my rifle.
    I also have used it to scare off Grizzly Bears.

  9. Revolvers rarely jam or misfire, you sure cannot say that about any semi auto handgun.

  10. Rutin Tutin Cowboy Shootin thats my motto.

  11. Westward Willy commenting on your firearms site.

    I like the fact that you do not flood this site with the same old bullshit about military style assault rifles which have been so damn over posted on the internet.
    Your site has a broad based subject with good detail and accurate information.

    Dear Google,
    Please ADD Yahoo to your drop down box.

  12. I live in northern Utah and carry my Cowboy gun everywhere I go.
    Visitors always give me a stare then a polite nod.

  13. Letting everyone know, I recently bought an advertised 41 Magnum Ruger Engraved Cylinder on eBay. When I received the cylinder it was the wrong caliber. I notified eBay who opened a dispute with the Seller (silverozken) who contacted me and agreed if I returned the item he would pay for my shipping and handling (S&H) of $9.95. Seller contacted me saying he issued a credit through PayPal. When the credit came in it was for the original amount but did NOT include my return S&H cost of $9.95. After several attempts to contact the Seller, I contacted PayPal who told me to piss off. I then contacted eBay who said tough luck return shipping is not covered. I argued that I had it in writing from the Seller. eBay said too bad. So I cancelled my eBay account after years of buying items through them. Also eBay wants 60 days to close out my account, WTF is going on there?
    Just a warning to my fellow Cowboy Shooters and anyone doing business with eBay, prepared to get screwed.
    I am going to post this on a regular basis to my Twitter account in hope those con artist at eBay send me a check for my $9.95. I am retired, and old Veteran, and on a fixed income.


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