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Firearm Forum Question: G2 Research 45 ACP, R.I.P. Ammunition Recall

Ask A Firearms Question:
At the gun range the other day when a discussion came up about RIP 45 acp ammo and Glocks. What is going on? 
Thank you I Carry A Gun.

G2 Research Inc, 45 ACP R.I.P. Ammo ....

Answer :
Blog Administrator -
Yes this Ammunition (ammo) is on immediate Limited Recall.
R.I.P. 45 acp in manufactured by G2 Research Inc. and apparently has issues when shot through any Glock 45 acp caliber handgun.
See photos above.

This RECALL was issued by G2 on December 3, 2014 as a post on their Facebook Page. The ammo in question from G2 Research was manufactured between July 1, 2014 and November 30, 2014. If you have any G2 Ammo in 45acp check the dates on the inside of the ammo box. G2 Research is marketing this as a Limited Recall because G2 claims it only affects Glocks in 45 ACP Caliber.
This Ammo Recall for G2 Research, R.I.P. 45 ACP Ammunition could cause 'Excessive Chamber Pressure' in all Glocks manufactured for 45 acp caliber.
Non Legalize this simply means that if you shoot this 45 ACP Caliber Ammo in any Glock your gun could go Kaboom (blow up in your face).

G2 Research, Inc. Website Link -

G2 Research Recall Notice for 45 ACP, R.I.P. Ammo Link on Facebook -

If you have any of this ammo you can call G2 Research in the USA at -
678 . 533 . 2033 Ext 4

Email G2 Research at -

Commentary -
A Glock Handgun is one of the finest most durable handguns made in the world today. Glocks are carried by Law Enforcement and Military around the world. For any ammo to affect a Glock is a sure warning NOT to purchase from that manufacturer. It is always better to err on the side of caution.
Further G2 has shown arrogance in issuing this Recall Notice on Facebook. They assume every gun owner has a Facebook Page, and that is not only arrogant it is out right poor judgement.
==> My recommendation on ALL G2 Research Ammo is -

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  1. Facebook user here.
    Saw a link to your site through another.

    This is just proof that people will spend money on just about any damn thing.
    I have a SIG in 45 acp, I load carry handgun with the first round being FMJ and then 2 Hollow Points, then repeated. I shoot Federal for my carry ammo.

  2. Addicted to Pizza says :

    Made in America is come to mean buying TRASH.

  3. Got your email about my question.
    Thank you and I will make sure I don't buy this product.

    I Carry A Gun

  4. I totally agree with your assessment.
    If this ammo can't be used in a GLOCK then NO One should be shooting it.

    They call me RALPH

  5. This morons must be suffering from Mad Cow Disease.

  6. yumping yimmity what the heck are these doodle birds trying to pass off on glock owners

  7. Snook Doggie commenting

    Just send all that bad bad poor quality ammo to the middle east bad guys and let their guns blow up.

  8. Larry Storch says,
    that G2 is a bunch of useless fogknockers

  9. Colonel thank you for all your efforts here at the Firearms Forum.
    And that you for your service to America.

    USMC Afghan Veteran

  10. Glock owners tell these bozos to kiss our butts.

  11. can these turd dwellers spell MORON ??????

  12. Another half ass ammo manufacturer that is permanently off my buy list.

  13. Been reading your site.
    Sure the hell are a lot of recalls.
    Hope you continue to post these and keep gun owners informed of the dangers.
    thank you

  14. another little shit that anted to get into the game of weapons / ammo manufacturing that should be left to real players.

  15. It's incredible that stupid companies like this stay in business.


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