Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Firearm Forum Question: Caracal Model C Handgun Recall

Ask A Firearms Question:
I have been told that my Caracal Model C Handgun is on Recall, what's going on?
Thank you Jimmy Jawbreaker.

Answer :
Blog Administrator -
Yes this entire series of handguns are on Total Recall.
If you own one of these handguns do NOT fire it.
See the Product Warning and Recall Notice below, this is a photo image click to enlarge.
Call the number below and return handgun to the manufacturer.

Contact Caracal at:
For USA Customers only -
Caracal Phone Number:
205-655-7050 (voice mail)
- or -
Email Caracal at:

For International Customers Email Caracal at -

Mouse Over Image, Click to Enlarge
Commentary -
This is an Overpriced Handgun of extremely poor quality and presents a danger to anyone shooting it. This firearms manufacturer should be banned from importing any weapons into the United States.
==> My recommendation on ALL Caracal Handguns and Firearms is -
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  1. Received your email and thank you for a quick response and a topic post on this handgun question.
    I should have known better than to buy anything made by some damn stupid Arab.
    Jimmy Jawbreaker.

  2. If America is lucky the UAE Arabs sold a lot of those to ISIS and Al Qaeda and they blew up.

    1. I couldn't agree more with that.
      Jones & Jones

  3. Bet these Arabs dance naked during a full moon and chant death to America and Israel.

  4. Unbelievable that our government would ever grant these assholes a license to import these dangerous weapons.

  5. Bet you those Arabs eat sh*t and howl at the moon.

  6. I wouldn't have one of these pieces of junk if it were free.
    Ban the sale and import to the USA of anything made by this company.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. This is a disgrace to allow Americans to be put in danger by these idiots.

    Donald Trump for President in 2016.
    Donald Trump all the way, if not by Republican then by 3rd Party Run.
    Trump will put these Muslims in there place and destroy ISIS.

    1. Well said, there is NO Arab/Muslim that has any good intentions or bested interest in the west, especially America..

      I am all in favor of the Mr D - - -
      People are so engulfed in bullshit political correctness it is unbelievable.

      Fox News needs to fire Megyn Kelly and Charles Kruathammer both of them are RNC Puppets.

  9. When will there be some NEW postings as promised?

  10. R Americans insane or will they buy any piece of shit?

    Hello Google why is YAHOO not in your drop down box selection?

    1. They are just stupid.
      Americans have been indoctrinated by big business to buy 3rd world trash goods at low prices.

  11. Sorry I use myway mail.
    Not a drop down option with Google.

    Have not seen any new post lately can we expect something soon.
    I submitted a question about 5.27x28mm ammo.

  12. I am Randall Cunningham commenting here.
    Sure do miss your topic posts and hope all is well.
    Looking forward to more great posts coming soon.

  13. Hi Firearms Guy ...
    I left a request for a Topic Post on Bridge Guns, any status on posting?

  14. What do you expect from these people?
    When can any Arab get anything right. They have foreigners build everything for them, run their oil refineries and just sit back and collect the money.

  15. This is like something from an old Dudley Do-Right Cartoon.

  16. Forest Gump said it best .........
    Stupid is as stupid does.
    Buy any firearm manufactured by a dumb limp nitted Muslim get what you deserve.

  17. Colonel hope you are okay.
    Many of us loyal readers are awaiting new posts to this great firearms forum site.

  18. Great forum love your posts and so many diverse subjects.

  19. Bo Bo wants more posted topics please give us some.

  20. Please post some NEW TOPICS so many love reading your FIREARMS FORUM.

  21. Oh Colonel where are you, need to see some more informative topics.

  22. Just another long list of qualified reasons to exterminate these Arabs.

  23. Still waiting on my topic subject about Old Bridge Guns

    Ricky Rickets

  24. Putz one and all ..........

  25. Sorry everyone I have not posted any NEW Topics to The Firearms Forum Site (Ask A Firearms Question).

    I have been out of town on personal issues.
    My son is a Disabled U.S. Marine Corps Veteran with real health issues.

    From all my experience, the VA (Veterans Administration) coupled with Senator John Mccain from Arizona has done nothing but screw over every U.S. Veteran in America.

    1. Colonel,
      Hope your son gets better.
      Yes the VA sucks and the whole damn thing should be abolished and everyone fired.
      A new organization should be created to replace it run by doctors not bureaucrats.

      Hope to see new posts here from you soon.

      Sam Dwight

    2. Hope your son gets well soon.
      The VA and John McCain are both a disgrace.

      Looking forward to your next post.
      Take care,

    3. Colonel,
      Very sorry to hear the VA has screwed over your son, this happens to so many of our Veteran Heroes.
      I hope every politician eats shit and dies screaming in pain.

      Ralf Jonas

    4. Colonel,
      Saw you were back on Twitter today.
      Wishing all is well.
      Sure hope you start posting again soon.

  26. Scrap Metal and little value at that.

  27. What a sorry sack of brain dead shits this manufacturer is.

    Bull by the Horns

  28. Continued proof all filthy stinking Arabs are useless.

  29. Bet the owners of this company have goats and camels and eat dung while laughing at the stupid foreigners that buy their worthless products.

    The Infidel

  30. Understand you are back, so I have been told by some Twitter users.
    Hope to see new exciting post from you soon.

  31. My friend had Caracal pistol and he was quite disappointed with its accuracy. Hearing his bad reviews I didn't buy the pistol. I'm owning Ruger pistol and am pretty happy with my decision. Please tell me if Caracal would really make a bad purchase?

    1. JJ over from Pinterest.
      Have you read the comments here?
      Did you read the Topic Post.
      The Firearms Guy stated this is a NO BUY item.

    2. An expensive Saturday Night Special.
      Wouldn't make good scrap metal.

  32. Silly me, I thought you were going to be posting some new topics.

  33. Hell Firearms Guy,
    Been a long time and NO POSTS from you, is this site closed?

  34. Package it away you want but it's still junk.
    Buyer be ware

  35. Dear Mr. Firearms Guy,
    Coming up on a year since you last posted. Should we assume this site is over for any future postings?

  36. Thanks for the post. People who are really concerned about safety and security may take help from the MA Gun License so as to make yourself and your loved ones more safer and amazing.

  37. I have never met anyone that owned one of these or knew somebody that did who had anything positive to say about these handguns.

    Junk is junk no matter what.

  38. Spent several hours reading your site.
    I loved it , very informative.

    By any chance are you planning to ever start this site up again?

  39. Interesting site.

    Shame, you elected to stop posting items.

    By the way, Google does not allow all emails to sign in.
    I do not have a Google account.

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