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Firearm Forum Question: Simple Do It Yourself Magazine Jamming Repair

Ask A Firearms Question:
One of the people at my Indoor Gun Range bought a New Metal 9mm Magazine at the recent Gun Show. Upon test firing the weapon a round repeatedly jammed on the last round being fed into the chamber of the handgun.
This is a simple do it yourself repair that works most of the time.
Thank you 'J' for your input and video.

Note: This is a follow-up on a previous Topic Post in June 2014 Titled:
What Causes Semi Auto Handguns to Jam,
here is the link to that Topic Post -

New Metal Handgun Magazine with Burrs ....
 Standard Sandpaper Fingernail File ....

Important Notes:
1) Never use a Metal File.
2) Never use a Dremel Tool.
3) Don't use any type of Metal object such as a screwdriver to hold the magazine feed down while performing the repair. If you need to use anything use a wood dowel.

=> Normally you would return a defective magazine but since this was purchased at a Gun Show that is quite impossible. This is also a downside to buying items at Gun Shows. Similar issues may occur if you bought a used firearm with magazines. This is also more likely to be an issue if you purchased an 'After Market Magazine.'

Blog Administrator -
This Topic Post helps clarify one aspect of Jamming.
I asked 'J' if he would make a Homemade Video showing how to correct this common problem found on New Magazines both Metal and Plastic.

Homemade Video: This shows a simple Do It Yourself Repair that corrects Jamming most of the time on New Magazines (both metal and plastic) ....

Also, see this related Topic Post at the Firearms Forum:
What’s the Difference between Berden Primed and Boxer Primed Ammo -

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  1. Thank you 'J' for submitting your Homemade Video and 2 photos to The Firearms Forum (Ask A Firearms Question).

    Note: 'J' said when he sent me the Video and 2 Photos that he had tested the magazine again after repair, and it now works perfectly, no Jamming issues.

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  3. I like how you get right to the point, no BS - this site is really the best.

  4. Just passing by your planet, picking up waves of transmission from chat about your site, thought I'd look around.

    1. Glad to have all visitors even those that are extrateresterial.

  5. Very good advice.

    Topic Request: When are you going to do a Topic Post on the Ruger SR22, 22 Caliber Semi-Auto Handgun?

    1. Thanks,

      and on the Ruger SR 22 this month.

  6. Excellent tip for any shooter. I always buff all my new magazines for rifles, and pistols before shooting.

  7. Another damn fine topic post well explained.

  8. I am sure it's been said before, but it needs to be said again, this is the best dog gone firearms forum anywhere.

    Thank you for the advice.

  9. Another fantastic topic post and great advice for very shooter.

  10. Smart shooters will adhere to this before spending money on buying a new magazine or seeing a gunsmith.

  11. Oh Mr, Firearms Guy,
    You are a genius.
    Hope all that have jamming issues pay attention to this Firearms Forum.

  12. holy crap i threw a magazine out should have tried this first
    firearms guy you are a wealth of endless information

  13. Will show this one to the husband.

  14. My piece has all ready bee worked and finely tuned when I get it.

  15. Simple approach, good info, thanks.

  16. I completely support and agree with this approach Mr. Firearms Guy. I have used this method myself.

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